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14000rob135672017-09-11Sigrgardr 2D + 3E -- Rob's Translation
14001Fred &Grace Hatton2017-09-12Sigrgardr 2 C + 3 A - - Grace's translation
14002Alan Thompson2017-09-12Sigrgardr 2D + 3A / Alan's Translation
14003Brian M. Scott2017-09-17Re: Sigrgardr 2D + 3A
14004rob135672017-09-18Sigrgardr 3B + 4A
14005rob135672017-09-18Sigrgardr 3B + 4A -- Rob's Translation
14006Grace Hatton2017-09-19Sigrgardr 3B +4A - - Grace's translation
14007Alan Thompson2017-09-19Sigrgardr 3B + 4A -- Rob's Translation
14008Brian M. Scott2017-09-20Re: Sigrgardr 3B + 4A
14009rob135672017-09-25Sigrgardr 4B
14010rob135672017-09-25Sigrgardr 4B -- Rob's Translation
14011Grace Hatton2017-09-26Sigrgardr 4 - - Grace's translation
14012Alan Thompson2017-09-26Sigrgardr 4B / Alan's Translation
14013Brian M. Scott2017-10-02Re: Sigrgardr 4B
14014rob135672017-10-02Sigrgardr 4C
14015rob135672017-10-02Sigrgardr 4C -- Rob's Translation
14016Grace Hatton2017-10-03Sigrgardr 4B - - Grace's translation
14017Alan Thompson2017-10-03Sigrgardr 4C / Alan's Translation
14018Patricia Francis-Wilson2017-10-04Re: Sigrgardr 4C / Alan's Translation
14019rob135672017-10-04Re: Sigrgardr 4B
14020Brian M. Scott2017-10-04Re: Sigrgardr 4B
14021Brian M. Scott2017-10-07Re: Sigrgardr 4C
14022rob135672017-10-09Sigrgardr 4D
14023rob135672017-10-09Sigrgardr 4D -- Rob's Translation
14024Grace Hatton2017-10-10Sigrgardr 4D - - Grace's translation
14025Alan Thompson2017-10-11Sigrgardr 4D / Alan's Translation
14026rob135672017-10-13Video: Sigrgardr Pops the Question
14027Brian M. Scott2017-10-14Re: Video: Sigrgardr Pops the Question
14028Brian M. Scott2017-10-15Re: Sigrgardr 4D
14029rob135672017-10-16Sigrgardr 4E + 5A
14030rob135672017-10-16Re: Video: Sigrgardr Pops the Question
14031rob135672017-10-16Sigrgardr 4E + 5A -- Rob's Translation
14032Grace Hatton2017-10-17Sigrgardr 4E + 5A - - Grace's translation
14033Alan Thompson2017-10-17Sigrgardr 4E + 5A / Alan's Translation
14034Brian M. Scott2017-10-21Re: Sigrgardr 4E + 5A
14035rob135672017-10-23Sigrgardr 5B
14036rob135672017-10-23Sigrgardr 5B -- Rob's Translation
14037Grace Hatton2017-10-24Sigrgardr 5 B - - Grace's translation
14038Alan Thompson2017-10-25Sigrgardr 5B / Alan's Translation
14039Brian M. Scott2017-10-26Re: Sigrgardr 5B
14040rob135672017-10-30Sigrgardr 5C
14041rob135672017-10-30Sigrgardr 5C -- Rob's Translation
14042Grace Hatton2017-10-31Sigrgardr 5C - - Grace's translation
14043Alan Thompson2017-10-31Sigrgardr 5C / Alan's Translation
14044Brian M. Scott2017-11-03Re: Sigrgardr 5C
14045rob135672017-11-06Sigrgardr 5D + 6A
14046rob135672017-11-06Sigrgardr 5D + 6A -- Rob's Translation
14047Grace Hatton2017-11-07Sigrgardr 5D + 6A - - Grace's translation
14048rob135672017-11-07Re: Sigrgardr 5D + 6A - - Grace's translation
14049Alan Thompson2017-11-07Sigrgardr 5D + 6A / Alan's Translation
14050Brian M. Scott2017-11-10Sigrgardr 5D + 6A
14051Grace Hatton2017-11-11Old Norse pick up lines. etc
14052rob135672017-11-13Sigrgardr 6B + 7A
14053Brian M. Scott2017-11-13Re: Sigrgardr 6B + 7A
14054rob135672017-11-14Sigrgardr 6B + 7A -- Rob's Translation
14055Grace Hatton2017-11-14Sigrgardr 6B + 7A - - Grace's translation
14056Alan Thompson2017-11-14Sigrgardr 6B + 7A / Alan's Translation
14057rob135672017-11-15Break in Translations
14058Brian M. Scott2017-11-15Re: Sigrgardr 6B + 7A -- Rob's Translation
14059rob135672017-11-27Sigrgardr 7B
14060rob135672017-11-27Sigrgardr 7B -- Rob's Translation
14061Grace Hatton2017-11-28Sigrgardr 7B- - Grace's translation
14062Alan Thompson2017-11-28Sigrgardr 7B / Alan's Translation
14063norse_course@yahoogroups.com2017-11-28My birthday, Wednesday, 29 November 2017
14064Brian M. Scott2017-11-29Re: Sigrgardr 7B
14065rob135672017-12-04Sigrgardr 7C + 8A
14066rob135672017-12-04Sigrgardr 7C + 8A -- Rob's Translation
14067Grace Hatton2017-12-05Sigrgardr 7C + 8A - Grace's translation
14068Alan Thompson2017-12-05Sigrgardr 7C + 8A / Alan's Translation
14069Brian M. Scott2017-12-08Re: Sigrgardr 7C + 8A
14070rob135672017-12-11Sigrgardr 8B
14071rob135672017-12-11Sigrgardr 8B -- Rob's Translation
14072Grace Hatton2017-12-12Sigrgardr 8B - - Grace's translation
14073Alan Thompson2017-12-12Sigrgardr 8B / Alan's Translation
14074Brian M. Scott2017-12-16Re: Sigrgardr 8B
14075rob135672017-12-16Re: Sigrgardr 8B
14076Grace Hatton2017-12-17Great to hear!
14077rob135672017-12-18Sigrgardr 8C
14078rob135672017-12-19Sigrgardr 8C -- Rob's Translation
14079Grace Hatton2017-12-19Sigrgardr 8 C - - Grace's translation
14080Alan Thompson2017-12-20Sigrgardr 8C / Alan's Translation
14081Brian M. Scott2017-12-23Re: Sigrgardr 8C
14082rob135672017-12-25Sigrgardr 8D + 9A
14083rob135672017-12-26Sigrgardr 8D + 9A -- Rob's Translation
14084Grace Hatton2017-12-26Sigrgardr 8D + 9A - - Grace's translation
14085Alan Thompson2017-12-26Sigrgardr 8D + 9A / Alan's Translation
14086Brian M. Scott2017-12-27Re: Sigrgardr 8D + 9A
14087rob135672018-01-01Sigrgardr 9B
14088Patricia Francis-Wilson2018-01-01Re: Sigrgardr 9B
14089rob135672018-01-01Sigrgardr 9B -- Rob's Translation
14090rob135672018-01-02The Economist Essay on Icelandic Language
14091Grace Hatton2018-01-02Sigrgardr 9 B - - Grace's translation
14092Alan Thompson2018-01-03Sigrgardr 9B / Alan's Translation
14093Brian M. Scott2018-01-03Re: Sigrgardr 9B
14094rob135672018-01-08Sigrgardr 9C
14095Grace Hatton2018-01-08Sigrgardr 9 C - - Grace's translation
14096rob135672018-01-08Re: Sigrgardr 9 C - - Grace's translation
14097rob135672018-01-08Sigrgardr 9C -- Rob's Translation
14098Grace Hatton2018-01-08No longer receiving group posts via email
14099Alan Thompson2018-01-09Sigrgardr 9C / Alan's Translation
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