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14200Alan Thompson2018-05-30Re: Sigrgardr 16B / Knee Deep
14201Alan Thompson2018-05-30Sigrgardr 16C / AlanĀ“s translation
14202Brian M. Scott2018-05-31Re: Sigrgardr 16C
14203Brian M. Scott2018-05-31Re: Sigrgardr 16B / Knee Deep
14204rob135672018-06-04Sigrgardr 16D
14205rob135672018-06-04Sigrgardr 16D -- Rob's Translation
14206Grace Hatton2018-06-05Sigrgardr end - - Grace's translation
14207Alan Thompson2018-06-06Sigrgardr 16D / Alan's Translation
14208Brian M. Scott2018-06-06Re: Sigrgardr 16D
14209rob135672018-06-11Hrafns 1A
14210rob135672018-06-11Hrafns 1A -- Rob's Translation
14211Grace Hatton2018-06-12Hrafns 1 A - - Grace's translation
14212Alan Thompson2018-06-13Hrafns 1A / Alan's Translation
14213Brian M. Scott2018-06-13Re: Hrafns 1A
14214rob135672018-06-18Hrafns 2A
14215rob135672018-06-18Hrafn 2A -- Rob's Translation
14216Grace Hatton2018-06-19Hrafn 2A - - Grace's translation
14217Alan Thompson2018-06-20Hrafns 2A
14218Brian M. Scott2018-06-21Re: Hrafns 2A
14219rob135672018-06-25Hrafns Saga 2B
14220rob135672018-06-25Hrafns Saga 2B -- Rob's Translation
14221Grace Hatton2018-06-26Hrafns 2 A - - Grace's translation
14222Alan Thompson2018-06-27Hrafns Saga 2B / Alan's Translation
14223Brian M. Scott2018-06-27Re: Hrafns Saga 2B
14224rob135672018-07-02Hrafns Saga 3 and 4A
14225rob135672018-07-03Hrafns Saga 3 and 4A -- Rob's Translation
14226Grace Hatton2018-07-03Hrafn 3 + 4A - - Grace's translation
14227Alan Thompson2018-07-04Hrafns Saga 3 and 4A / Alan's Translation
14228Brian M. Scott2018-07-04Re: Hrafns Saga 3 and 4A
14229rob135672018-07-09Hrafns Saga 4B
14230rob135672018-07-09Hrafns Saga 4B -- Rob's Translation + Poem
14231Alan Thompson2018-07-10Hrafns Saga 4B / Alan's translation
14232Grace Hatton2018-07-10Hrafn 4B - - Grace's translation
14233Brian M. Scott2018-07-14Re: Hrafns Saga 4B
14234rob135672018-07-162018 Summer Break for Old Norse Course
14235Grace Hatton2018-07-16No longer able to participate in the translation
14236Matthew Jurkoic2018-07-17Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14237vikingwoman2018-07-17Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14238Brian M. Scott2018-07-17Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14239Norma Jean2018-07-17Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14240rob135672018-07-17Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14241Alan Thompson2018-07-19Re: No longer able to participate in the translation
14242rob135672018-07-28Saga Thing Podcast -- Saga Briefs
14243rob135672018-08-20Hrafns Saga 4C
14244rob135672018-08-20Hrafns Saga 4C -- Rob's Translation
14245Alan Thompson2018-08-21Hrafns Saga 4C / Alan's Translation
14246Brian M. Scott2018-08-27Re: Hrafns Saga 4C
14247rob135672018-08-27Hrafns Saga 4D
14248rob135672018-08-28Hrafns Saga 4D -- Rob's Translation
14249Alan Thompson2018-08-28Hrafns Saga 4D / Alan's Translation
14250Brian M. Scott2018-08-28Re: Hrafns Saga 4D
14251rob135672018-09-03Hrafns Saga 4E + 5A
14252rob135672018-09-04Hrafns Saga 4E + 5a -- Rob's Translation
14253Alan Thompson2018-09-04Hrafns Saga 4E + 5A / Alan's Translation
14254Brian M. Scott2018-09-07Re: Hrafns Saga 4E + 5A
14255rob135672018-09-10Hrafns Saga 5B + 6A
14256rob135672018-09-11Hrafns Saga 5B + 6A -- Rob's Translation
14257Alan Thompson2018-09-11Re: Hrafns Saga 5B + 6A
14258Brian M. Scott2018-09-11Re: Hrafns Saga 5B + 6A
14259rob135672018-09-17Hrafns Saga 6B
14260rob135672018-09-18Hrafns Saga 6B -- Rob's Translation
14261Alan Thompson2018-09-19Re: Hrafns Saga 6B / Alan's Translation
14262rob135672018-09-21Break in Translations September 24
14263Brian M. Scott2018-09-24Re: Hrafns Saga 6B
14264rob135672018-10-01Hfrafns Saga 6C + 7A
14265rob135672018-10-02Hrafns Saga 6C + 7A -- Rob's Translation
14266Alan Thompson2018-10-02Hfrafns Saga 6C + 7A / Alan's Translation
14267Brian M. Scott2018-10-05Re: Hfrafns Saga 6C + 7A
14268rob135672018-10-08Hranfs Saga 7B
14269rob135672018-10-09Hrafns Saga 7B -- Rob's Translation
14270Alan Thompson2018-10-09Hranfs Saga 7B / Alan's Translation
14271Brian M. Scott2018-10-09Re: Hranfs Saga 7B
14272rob135672018-10-15Hrafns Saga 7C
14273rob135672018-10-15Hrafns Saga 7C -- Rob's Translation
14274Alan Thompson2018-10-16Hrafns Saga 7C / Alan's Translation
14275rob135672018-10-17Next Passage for Translation 10/29/18
14276Brian M. Scott2018-10-20Re: Hrafns Saga 7C
14277Brian M. Scott2018-10-20Re: Next Passage for Translation 10/29/18
14278rob135672018-10-29Hrafns Saga 7D
14279rob135672018-10-29Hrafns Saga 7D -- Rob's Translation
14280Alan Thompson2018-10-30Hrafns Saga 7D / Alan's translation
14281Brian M. Scott2018-11-01Re: Hrafns Saga 7D
14282rob135672018-11-05Hrafns Saga 7E + 8A
14283rob135672018-11-06Hrafns Saga 7E + 8A -- Rob's Translation
14284Alan Thompson2018-11-06Hrafns Saga 7E + 8A / Alan's Translation
14285Brian M. Scott2018-11-07Re: Hrafns Saga 7E + 8A
14286rob135672018-11-12Hrafns Saga 8B
14287rob135672018-11-12Hrafns Saga 8B -- Rob's Translation
14288Alan Thompson2018-11-13Hrafns Saga 8B / Alan's Translation
14289Brian M. Scott2018-11-13Re: Hrafns Saga 8B
14290Alan Thompson2018-11-14Re: Hrafns Saga 8B
14291Brian M. Scott2018-11-14Re: Hrafns Saga 8B
14292rob135672018-11-19Hrafns Saga 8C + 9A
14293rob135672018-11-19Hrafns Saga 8C + 9A -- Rob's Translation
14294Alan Thompson2018-11-20Hrafns Saga 8C + 9A / Alan's Translation
14295rob135672018-11-26Hrafns Saga 9B
14296rob135672018-11-27Hrafns Saga 9B -- Rob's Translation
14297Brian M. Scott2018-11-27Re: Hrafns Saga 8C + 9A
14298Alan Thompson2018-11-27Hrafns Saga 9B / Alan's Translation
14299rob135672018-11-30Break December 3 for Translation
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