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49400C. Darwin Goranson2007-07-141000 = All?
49401fournet.arnaud2007-07-14Re: [Courrier indésirable] [tied] 1000 = All?
49402tgpedersen2007-07-17Iranian loans in pre-Germanic
49403C. Darwin Goranson2007-07-18Some Thracian connections
49404altamix2007-07-19Re: Some Thracian connections
49405tgpedersen2007-07-19Re: Stative Verbs, or Perfect Tense
49406tgpedersen2007-07-19Re: Stative Verbs, or Perfect Tense
49407tgpedersen2007-07-19Re: root *pVs- for cat
49408Brian M. Scott2007-07-19Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49409tgpedersen2007-07-20Re: root *pVs- for cat
49410Brian M. Scott2007-07-21Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49411tgpedersen2007-07-22Re: root *pVs- for cat
49412Brian M. Scott2007-07-23Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49413tgpedersen2007-07-24Re: root *pVs- for cat
49414Brian M. Scott2007-07-24Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49415tgpedersen2007-07-26Re: root *pVs- for cat
49416george knysh2007-07-26Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49417Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-26Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49418george knysh2007-07-26Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat [and explanation of "pferd"]
49419Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-26Pferd
49420Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-26Re: [tied] Pferd
49421Rick McCallister2007-07-26Re: [tied] Pferd
49422Daniel J. Milton2007-07-26Re: [tied] Pferd
49423Brian M. Scott2007-07-26Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49424Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-26Re: [tied] Pferd
49425Daniel J. Milton2007-07-26Re: [tied] Pferd
49426Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-27Re: [tied] Pferd
49427Joao S. Lopes2007-07-27The Near Eastern Origin of Cat Domestication
49428Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-27Re: [tied] Pferd
49429tgpedersen2007-07-29Re: root *pVs- for cat
49430tgpedersen2007-07-29Re: [tied] Pferd
49431Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-29Re: [tied] Pferd
49432Brian M. Scott2007-07-29Re[2]: [tied] Pferd
49433tgpedersen2007-07-29Re: Pferd
49434Brian M. Scott2007-07-30Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49435Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-30Re: [tied] Re: Pferd
49436Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-30Re: [tied] Re: Pferd
49437fournet.arnaud2007-07-30Re: [tied] Re: Pferd
49438fournet.arnaud2007-07-30Re: [tied] Pferd
49439fournet.arnaud2007-07-30Fw: [tied] Pferd
49440tgpedersen2007-07-30Re: Pferd
49441tgpedersen2007-07-30Re: root *pVs- for cat
49442Rick McCallister2007-07-30park, was *pVs- for cat
49443stlatos2007-07-31t>s (was: tt/st/ss)
49444tgpedersen2007-07-31Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49445stlatos2007-07-31Re: [tied] tt/st/ss
49446Rick McCallister2007-07-31Re: [tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49447Richard Wordingham2007-07-31Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49448Rick McCallister2007-07-31Re: [tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49449stlatos2007-07-31Skt V>VV (was: Re: *pYerkW+)
49450tgpedersen2007-07-31[tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49451Brian M. Scott2007-08-01Re: [tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49452Brian M. Scott2007-08-01Re: [tied] park, was *pVs- for cat
49453Brian M. Scott2007-08-01Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49454Brian M. Scott2007-08-01Re: [tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49455cybalist@yahoogroups.com2007-08-01File - Rules.txt
49456tgpedersen2007-08-01Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49457tgpedersen2007-08-01[tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49458tgpedersen2007-08-01[tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49459tgpedersen2007-08-03[tied] Re: park, was *pVs- for cat
49460tgpedersen2007-08-03Re: [tied] park, was *pVs- for cat
49461Andrew Jarrette2007-08-04Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49462aquila_grande2007-08-04Re: [tied] root *pVs- for cat
49464P&G2007-08-05Re: [SPAM] [tied] Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49465etherman232007-08-06Re: Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49466stlatos2007-08-06Re: Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49467patrick cuadrado2007-08-06RE : Fw: [tied] Pferd
49468fournet.arnaud2007-08-06Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49469Brian M. Scott2007-08-07Re[2]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49470patrick cuadrado2007-08-08RE : Re[2]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49471fournet.arnaud2007-08-08Re: Re[2]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49472Brian M. Scott2007-08-09Re[4]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49473fournet.arnaud2007-08-09Re: Re[4]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49474Rick McCallister2007-08-09sea, seal
49475stlatos2007-08-09Re: [tied] Greek double u (was: PIE i- and u-stems again)
49476tgpedersen2007-08-10Re: sea, seal
49477Joao S. Lopes2007-08-10Res: [tied] Re: sea, seal
49478stlatos2007-08-10Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49479stlatos2007-08-10Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49480Brian M. Scott2007-08-10Re[6]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49481Brian M. Scott2007-08-10Re[2]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49482stlatos2007-08-10Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49483Piotr Gasiorowski2007-08-11Re: [tied] Re: sea, seal
49484Rick McCallister2007-08-11Re: [tied] Re: sea, seal
49485Abdullah Konushevci2007-08-11Re: sea, seal
49486Brian M. Scott2007-08-11Re[2]: [tied] Re: sea, seal
49487etherman232007-08-11Re: Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49488patrick cuadrado2007-08-11RE : Re: [tied] Re: Pferd
49489michelmrvn2007-08-11Re: Northwest *kVl-
49490tgpedersen2007-08-11Re: sea, seal
49491tgpedersen2007-08-11Re: sea, seal
49492cristi mindrut2007-08-11dag = mountain, could it be an IE word ?
49493fournet.arnaud2007-08-11[tied] Re: Sanskrit "hrd" and "hanu"
49494fournet.arnaud2007-08-11Re Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49495fournet.arnaud2007-08-11Re: [Courrier indésirable] Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49496fournet.arnaud2007-08-11Re: [Courrier indésirable] [tied] Re: sea, seal
49497fournet.arnaud2007-08-11Re: Re[6]: Fw: [tied] Pferd
49498Rick McCallister2007-08-11Re: [tied] Re: sea, seal
49499Rick McCallister2007-08-11Re: Re Re: Fw: [tied] Pferd
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