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49300Brian M. Scott2007-07-03Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49301Brian M. Scott2007-07-03Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49302alexandru_mg32007-07-03Res: [tied] Re: The cat domestication happened more than 100,000 y
49303stlatos2007-07-04[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49304alexandru_mg32007-07-04Res: [tied] Re: The cat domestication happened more than 100,000 y
49305Richard Wordingham2007-07-04Res: [tied] Re: The cat domestication happened more than 100,000 y
49306Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: Res: [tied] Re: The cat domestication happened more than 100,0
49307squilluncus2007-07-04Res: [tied] Re: The cat domestication happened more than 100,000 y
49308Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49309tgpedersen2007-07-04Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49310stlatos2007-07-04Re: [tied] tt/st/ss
49311Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49312Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49313Brian M. Scott2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49314Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49315Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49316Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-04Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49317stlatos2007-07-05[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49318stlatos2007-07-05[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49319Brian M. Scott2007-07-05Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49320stlatos2007-07-05[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49321Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-05Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49322Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-05Re: [tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49323mkelkar20032007-07-05Proto-Indo-European Reality and Reconstruction (Pulgram 1959)
49324tgpedersen2007-07-05Re: No Verner in Gothic verbs?
49325tgpedersen2007-07-05[tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49326Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-05Re: [tied] Re: No Verner in Gothic verbs?
49327stlatos2007-07-05[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49328Brian M. Scott2007-07-05Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49329stlatos2007-07-06[tied] Re: *-tro-/*-tlo-
49330stlatos2007-07-06Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49331Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-07Re: [tied] Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49332stlatos2007-07-07[tied] Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49333Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-07Re: [tied] Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49334Brian M. Scott2007-07-07Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs-
49335stlatos2007-07-07[tied] Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49336stlatos2007-07-08[tied] Re: root *pVs-
49337Rick McCallister2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs-
49338Brian M. Scott2007-07-08Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs-
49339afyangh2007-07-08Re: root *pVs-
49340tgpedersen2007-07-08*-t-, put
49341Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-08Re: *-t-, put
49342tgpedersen2007-07-08Re: *-t-, put
49343tgpedersen2007-07-08[tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49344Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: -tlo- vs -tro- (was: rtl)
49345tgpedersen2007-07-08[tied] Re: No Verner in Gothic verbs?
49346Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49347Rick McCallister2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49348Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: No Verner in Gothic verbs?
49349tgpedersen2007-07-08Re: *-t-, put
49350tgpedersen2007-07-08[tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49351Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-08Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49352stlatos2007-07-09Greek *uh2 (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49353stlatos2007-07-09xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49354Brian M. Scott2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49355Rick McCallister2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49356Brian M. Scott2007-07-09Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49357Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49358Rick McCallister2007-07-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49359Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Greek *uh2 (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49360Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-09Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49361Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49362Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49363tgpedersen2007-07-09Re: *-t-, put
49364tgpedersen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49365tgpedersen2007-07-09Re: *-t-, put
49366Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49367Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49368tgpedersen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49369tgpedersen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49370Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49371Brian M. Scott2007-07-09Re[4]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49372Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49373stlatos2007-07-09Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49374stlatos2007-07-09Re: [tied] Greek *uh2 (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49375tgpedersen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49376Max Dashu2007-07-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49377stlatos2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49378Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49379tgpedersen2007-07-09[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49380Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49381Rick McCallister2007-07-09Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49382Rick McCallister2007-07-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49383Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-09Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49384Rick McCallister2007-07-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: root *pVs- for cat
49385stlatos2007-07-10Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49386Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-10Re: [tied] Re: *-t-, put
49387Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-10Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49388Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-10Re: [tied] Greek *uh2 (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49389Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-10[tied] Re: *-t-, put
49390tgpedersen2007-07-10Re: *-t-, put
49391stlatos2007-07-10Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49392stlatos2007-07-10Re: [tied] Greek *uh2 (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49393stlatos2007-07-10Germanic past (was: *-t-, put)
49394Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-10Re: [tied] xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49395Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2007-07-11Re: *-t-, put
49396tgpedersen2007-07-11Re: *-t-, put
49397tgpedersen2007-07-11Re: xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49398Piotr Gasiorowski2007-07-11Re: [tied] Re: xW>v>w (was: -tlo- vs -tro-)
49399mkelkar20032007-07-12Indomania and Indophobia
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