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14400Alan Thompson2019-05-21Hrafns Saga 19C / Alan's translation
14401Brian M. Scott2019-05-25Re: Hrafns Saga 19C
14402rob135672019-05-27Hrafns Saga 17D
14403rob135672019-05-28Hrafns Saga 19D -- Rob's Translation
14404rob135672019-05-28Re: Hrafns Saga 17D
14405Alan Thompson2019-05-28Hrafns Saga 19D / Alan's Translation
14406Brian M. Scott2019-05-28Re: Hrafns Saga 19D
14407rob135672019-06-03Hrafns Saga 19E
14408rob135672019-06-03Hrafns Saga 19E -- Rob's Translation
14409Alan Thompson2019-06-04Hrafns Saga 19E / Alan's Translation
14410Brian M. Scott2019-06-04Re: Hrafns Saga 19E
14411Alan Thompson2019-06-05Re: Hrafns Saga 19E
14412rob135672019-06-10Hrafns Saga 19F
14413rob135672019-06-10Hrafns Saga 19F -- Rob's Translation
14414Alan Thompson2019-06-11Hrafns Saga 19F / Alan's Translation
14415Brian M. Scott2019-06-12Re: Hrafns Saga 19F
14416rob135672019-06-17Hrafns Saga 19G + 20
14417rob135672019-06-17Hrafns Saga 19G + 20E -- Rob's Translation
14418Alan Thompson2019-06-18Hrafns Saga 19G + 20 / Alan's Translation
14419Brian M. Scott2019-06-24Re: Hrafns Saga 19G + 20
14420rob135672019-06-24Illuga Saga 1 + 2A
14421rob135672019-06-24Illuga Saga 1 + 2A -- Rob's Translation
14422Alan Thompson2019-06-25Illuga Saga 1 + 2A / Alan's Translation
14423Brian M. Scott2019-06-25Re: Illuga Saga 1 + 2A
14424rob135672019-07-01Illuga Saga 2B
14425rob135672019-07-01Illuga Saga 2B -- Rob's Translation
14426Alan Thompson2019-07-02Illuga Saga 2B / Alan"s Translation
14427Brian M. Scott2019-07-02Re: Illuga Saga 2B
14445Brian M. Scott2019-08-27Re: Illuga Saga 3B + 4A
14446rob135672019-09-02Illuga Saga 4B
14447rob135672019-09-03Illuga Saga 4B -- Rob's Translation
14448Alan Thompson2019-09-03Illuga Saga 4B / Alan's Translation
14449Brian M. Scott2019-09-04Re: Illuga Saga 4B
14450rob135672019-09-09Illuga Saga 4C + 5A
14451rob135672019-09-10Illuga Saga 4C + 5A -- Rob's Translation
14452Alan Thompson2019-09-10Illuga Saga 4C + 5A / Alan's Translation
14453Brian Scott2019-09-11Re: Illuga Saga 4C + 5A
14454rob135672019-09-16Illuga Saga 5B
14455rob135672019-09-16Illuga Saga 5B -- Rob's Translation
14456Alan Thompson2019-09-17Illuga Saga 5B / Alan's Translation
14457Brian M. Scott2019-09-18Re: Illuga Saga 5B
14458rob135672019-09-23Illuga Saga 5C + 6A
14459rob135672019-09-23Illuga 5C + 6A -- Rob's Translation
14460Alan Thompson2019-09-24Illuga Saga 5C + 6A / Alan's Translation
14461Brian M. Scott2019-09-27Re: Illuga Saga 5C + 6A
14462rob135672019-09-30Illuga Saga 6B
14463rob135672019-10-01Illuga Saga 6B -- Rob's Translation
14464Alan Thompson2019-10-01Illuga Saga 6B / Alan's Translation
14465Brian M. Scott2019-10-02Re: Illuga Saga 6B
14466rob135672019-10-07Nitida 1A
14467rob135672019-10-07Nitida 1A -- Rob's Translation
14468Alan Thompson2019-10-08Nitida 1A / Alan's translation
14469Brian M. Scott2019-10-08Re: Nitida 1A
14470rob135672019-10-14Nitida 1B
14471rob135672019-10-14Nitida 1B -- Rob's Translation
14472Alan Thompson2019-10-15Nitida 1B / Alan's Translation
14473Alan Thompson2019-10-15Re: Nitida 1B / Alan's Translation (extra)
14474Brian M. Scott2019-10-15Re: Nitida 1B
14475rob135672019-10-17Signigicant Changes to Yahoo Groups
14476rob135672019-10-21Nitida 1C + 2A
14477rob135672019-10-22Nitida 1C + 2A -- Rob's Translation
14478Alan Thompson2019-10-22Nitida 1C + 2A / Alan's Translation
14479Brian M. Scott2019-10-22Re: Nitida 1C + 2A
14480rob135672019-10-29New Forum for Norse Course
14481rob135672019-10-29Where to Find New Forum
14482Wulf, Tom (wulft)2019-10-29Re: New Forum for Norse Course
14483Wulf, Tom (wulft)2019-10-29Re: Where to Find New Forum
14484rob135672019-11-14Update on where the Norse Course has moved
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