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5000llama_nom2005-03-15listin að kveðja / the art of chanting
5001A. L. E. McK.2005-03-16Re: Allan's help!
5002A. L. E. McK.2005-03-16Re: 1. Articles in norse and german
5003James R. Johnson2005-03-16Re: Wikipedia
5004Imre2005-03-16Lex (loi, ley) and lag, lög, law?
5005mona striewe2005-03-16Re: Articles, articles...
5006Patricia2005-03-16Re: Articles, articles...
5007xigung2005-03-16Re: left?
5008Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-16Her Majesty's Exploits
5009AThompson2005-03-16Re: Allan's help!
5010Imre2005-03-16Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5011Imre2005-03-16The Big Articles Saga...
5012Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-16Re: [norse_course] Lex (loi, ley) and lag, lög, law?
5013Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-16Re: Articles, articles...
5014diego ferioli2005-03-16Lex (loi, ley)and lag, lög, law?
5015Imre2005-03-16Re: [norse_course] Lex (loi, ley) and lag, lög, law #2
5016xigung2005-03-17re: Lex , Lois, Ley, Lag, Lög, Law .
5017llama_nom2005-03-17Re: Lex , Lois, Ley, Lag, Lög, Law .
5018Imre2005-03-18Lag, lög and Gesetz, gesetnys
5019xigung2005-03-18Re: Lag, lög and Gesetz, gesetnys
5020Sarah Bowen2005-03-18Re: [norse_course] Lag, lög and Gesetz, gesetnys
5021Imre2005-03-18Re: [norse_course] Re: Lag, lög and Gesetz, gesetnys
5022Imre2005-03-18Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5023Sarah Bowen2005-03-19Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5024Sarah Bowen2005-03-19Auðun section 14
5025llama_nom2005-03-19Re: listin að kveða / the art of chanting
5026Fred and Grace Hatton2005-03-20Law/lay
5027Arnold Fox2005-03-20Re: honorific explicits in Old Norse?
5028Patricia2005-03-20Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 14
5029Sarah Bowen2005-03-20Re: Law/lay
5030Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-20Re: honorific explicits in Old Norse?
5031fjornir2005-03-20Re: listin að kveða / the art of chanting
5032Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-20Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5033Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-20Re: Old Norse Online: Todd B. Krause and Jonathan Slocum
5034llama_nom2005-03-21Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5035Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-21Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5036Justin Farwell2005-03-21Howdy! I'm new!
5037llama_nom2005-03-21Re: Her Majesty's Exploits: Oh dear...
5038llama_nom2005-03-21Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5039llama_nom2005-03-21Re: Ellisifjardrápa: revised Stanza One
5040AThompson2005-03-21RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 14
5041Patricia2005-03-21Re: Howdy! I'm new!
5042Patricia2005-03-21message for Llama Nom
5043Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-21[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5044Patricia2005-03-21[NORSE COURSE] re: Ellisifjardrapa
5045Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-21[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5046Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-21Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5047Fred and Grace Hatton2005-03-21Auðun 14
5048diego ferioli2005-03-21Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5049llama_nom2005-03-21Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5050Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-21Re: Her Majesty's Exploits
5051llama_nom2005-03-22Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5052Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-22[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5053llama_nom2005-03-22Ellisifjardrápa (revised stanza 5)
5054llama_nom2005-03-22Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5055llama_nom2005-03-22Re: Ellisifjardrápa
5056Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-22Re: [norse_course] Ellisifjardrápa (revised stanza 5)
5057Patricia2005-03-22Fw: [NORSE COURSE] re: Ellisifjardrapa
5058Patricia2005-03-22Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5059llama_nom2005-03-22Re: Ellisifjardrápa (revised stanza 5)
5060Sarah Bowen2005-03-22Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5061llama_nom2005-03-22Re: Ellisifjardrápa: revised Stanza Seven
5062Patricia2005-03-22Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5063Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-23[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa (revised stanza 5)
5064Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-23[norse _course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa: revised Stanza Seven
5065llama_nom2005-03-23Ellisifjardrápa (latest draft)
5066Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-24Re: [norse_course] Ellisifjardrápa (latest draft)
5067llama_nom2005-03-24Re: Ellisifjardrápa (Hölgi konungr)
5068Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-25[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa = ?iso-8859-1?Q?(H=F6lgi_konung
5069Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-25[norse_course] Re: Ellisifjardrápa = ?iso-8859-1?Q?(H=F6lgi_konung
5070diego ferioli2005-03-25Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5071Sarah Bowen2005-03-25Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5072lgp477@...2005-03-25Re: Italian
5073llama_nom2005-03-26The ó-word...
5074Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-03-26Re: [norse_course] The ó-word...
5075Arnold Fox2005-03-27Re: honorific explicits in Old Norse?
5076xigung2005-03-28Re: Army, Navy, etc
5077xigung2005-03-28Re: A dialect with army and navy...
5078xigung2005-03-28Re: Lag, lög and Gesetz, gesetnys
5079Ron Staley2005-03-28Hi Newbie Here
5080Patricia2005-03-28Re: Hi Newbie Here
5081Patricia2005-03-28Fw: [norse_course] Hi Newbie Here
5082diego ferioli2005-03-28Italian and old-germanic influences
5083Sarah Bowen2005-03-29Re: Italian and old-germanic influences
5084xigung2005-03-29Re: Italian and old-germanic influences
5085llama_nom2005-03-30Re: Italian and old-germanic influences
5086llama_nom2005-03-30Re: Italian and old-germanic influences
5087diego ferioli2005-03-30History of the Italian language
5088Xun Gong2005-03-30Newbie here, hi all!
5089Patricia2005-03-30Re: History of the Italian language
5090Sarah Bowen2005-03-30Re: History of the Italian language
5091darkhalo7720002005-03-30I want to learn old norse please
5092diego ferioli2005-03-30Re: I want to learn old norse please
5093xeon_ies2005-03-31Old Norse for "good bye"
5094llama_nom2005-03-31Re: Old Norse for "good bye"
5095llama_nom2005-03-31Re: Old Norse for "good bye"
5096darkhalo7720002005-03-31pronouncing old norse
5097AThompson2005-04-01RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 14/Feedback Patricia
5098AThompson2005-04-01RE: [norse_course] Auðun 14
5099AThompson2005-04-01RE: [norse_course] Auðun 14/Feedback Grace
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