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5100llama_nom2005-04-01Re: pronouncing old norse
5101diego ferioli2005-04-01Re: pronouncing old norse
5102Patricia2005-04-01Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 14/Feedback Patricia
5103xeon_ies2005-04-01Re: Old Norse for "good bye"
5104Sarah Bowen2005-04-01Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 14/Feedback Patricia
5105Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-02Alan's translation help + pronunciation ideas
5106Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-03pronunciation wav files
5107Ian McRae2005-04-03Correct Form ?
5108llama_nom2005-04-03Re: Correct Form ?
5109AThompson2005-04-03RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 14/Feedback Patricia
5110AThompson2005-04-03RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 14/Feedback Patricia
5111llama_nom2005-04-03The Red Line Blues: þóttisk, thought
5112llama_nom2005-04-03Aw heck: "hekk á"
5113Patricia2005-04-03All these contributions
5114Patricia2005-04-03Re: [norse_course] Aw heck: "hekk á"
5115Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-04-03Re: [norse_course] Aw heck: "hekk á"
5116Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-04-03Re: [norse_course] Aw heck: "hekk á"
5117Patricia2005-04-03Re: [norse_course] Aw heck: "hekk á"
5118llama_nom2005-04-03Re: Aw heck: "hekk á"
5119A. L. E. McK.2005-04-04Re: Aw heck: "hekk á"
5120llama_nom2005-04-04Re: Aw heck: "hekk á"
5122Ian McRae2005-04-04Sea Wolf
5123Engill Sig-Tyr rún2005-04-04Re: pronunciation wav files
5124llama_nom2005-04-04Re: fonts
5125Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-05pronuciation files
5126Engill Sig-Tyr rún2005-04-05Re: pronuciation files
5127Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-04-07Royal Poetry Contest
5128AThompson2005-04-08Auðun section 15
5129Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-08Hrafnkell
5130Patricia2005-04-08Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 15
5131Laurel Bradshaw2005-04-08Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 15
5132llama_nom2005-04-09Re: Royal Poetry Contest
5133Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-09Þá gekk Auðun fram
5134Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-04-09Re: Royal Poetry Contest
5135Patricia2005-04-09Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 15
5136Patricia2005-04-10Re: Royal Poetry Contest
5137AThompson2005-04-12RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 15/Translation
5138AThompson2005-04-12RE: [norse_course] Þá gekk Auðun fram Auðun 15/feedback Grace
5139AThompson2005-04-12RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5140disketeer52005-04-12Language Research for story
5141Patricia2005-04-12Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5142Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-12Thanks, Alan! + Use of the present for a story in the past
5143Patricia2005-04-12Re: Thanks, Alan! + Use of the present for a story in the past
5144Stephen Fryer2005-04-12Re: Thanks, Alan! + Use of the present for a story in the past
5145llama_nom2005-04-13Re: Royal Poetry Contest
5147Patricia2005-04-13Re: Kennings
5148xigung2005-04-14Re: History of the Italian language
5149xigung2005-04-14Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5150llama_nom2005-04-14taka á hönd e-m + láta goera
5151Patricia2005-04-14Fw: [norse_course] History of the Italian language
5152AThompson2005-04-15RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 16
5153AThompson2005-04-15RE: [norse_course] taka á hönd e-m + láta goera
5154AThompson2005-04-15RE: [norse_course] Njáls Saga and Icelandic Genealogy
5155Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-04-15Re: [norse _course] Njáls Saga and Icelandic Genealogy
5156Patricia2005-04-15Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5157xigung2005-04-15Re: Fw: [norse_course] History of the Italian language
5158xigung2005-04-15Re: taka á hönd e-m + láta goera
5159Patricia2005-04-15Re: [norse_course] taka á hönd e-m + láta goera
5160Patricia2005-04-15Re: [norse_course] Njáls Saga and Icelandic Genealogy
5161diego ferioli2005-04-15Re: History of the Italian language
5162Patricia2005-04-15Re: Fw: [norse_course] History of the Italian language
5163diego ferioli2005-04-15Runes
5164Patricia2005-04-15Re: Fw: [norse_course] History of the Italian language
5165Patricia2005-04-15Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 16
5166Engill Sig-Tyr rún2005-04-15Re: Runes
5167xigung2005-04-16Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5168Patricia2005-04-16Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5169llama_nom2005-04-17Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5170AThompson2005-04-17RE: [norse_course] RE: [norse _course] Njáls Saga and Icelandi
5171AThompson2005-04-17RE: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5172llama_nom2005-04-17(1) láta; (2) number accord of verbs with multiple subjects
5173Haukur Thorgeirsson2005-04-17Re: Njáls Saga and Icelandic Genealogy
5174Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-17A 16
5175Patricia2005-04-17Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 15/feedback Patricia
5176AThompson2005-04-18RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/Translation
5177AThompson2005-04-18RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/feedback Patricia
5178AThompson2005-04-18RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/feedback Grace
5179Patricia2005-04-18Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/feedback Patricia
5180Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-18Translation help A 16
5181Raven2005-04-19New here :)
5182Patricia2005-04-19Re: New here :)
5184grimmsdottir1572005-04-20re New here ;)
5185AThompson2005-04-20RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/feedback Patricia
5186AThompson2005-04-20RE: [norse_course] Njáls Saga and Icelandic Genealogy
5187Patricia2005-04-20Re: Hailsa!
5188Patricia2005-04-20Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 16/feedback Patricia
5189llama_nom2005-04-20handy links for beginners
5190AThompson2005-04-22RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 17
5191Patricia2005-04-22Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 17
5192Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-23A 17
5193AThompson2005-04-26Re: A 17/feedback Grace
5194AThompson2005-04-26RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 17/Translation
5195AThompson2005-04-26RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 17/feedback Patricia
5196llama_nom2005-04-26Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
5197Patricia2005-04-26Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
5198llama_nom2005-04-26Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
5199Patricia2005-04-26Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
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