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5200Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-26A 17
5201llama_nom2005-04-27Re: A 17/feedback Grace
5202Robert Wilkinson2005-04-27Re: A 17/feedback Grace
5204Jay2005-04-28kind new
5205AThompson2005-04-28RE: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
5206AThompson2005-04-28Re: A 17/feedback Grace
5207Patricia2005-04-28Re: [norse_course] Re: Auðun section 17/Translation
5208AThompson2005-04-29RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 18
5209Patricia2005-04-29Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 18
5210Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-30A 18
5211xeon_ies2005-04-30Mini-project : Meanings of Norse names/terms
5212Fred and Grace Hatton2005-04-30weird font stuff
5213llama_nom2005-05-01Re: weird font stuff
5214Patricia2005-05-01Re: weird font stuff
5215Laurel Bradshaw2005-05-01Re: weird font stuff
5216Patricia2005-05-01Fw: [norse_course] Re: weird font stuff
5217Patricia2005-05-01Re: weird font stuff
5218Lance2005-05-01Re: weird font stuff
5219Fred and Grace Hatton2005-05-01weird fonts
5220llama_nom2005-05-02Fw: [norse_course] Re: weird font stuff
5221AThompson2005-05-02RE: [norse_course] Auðun Section 18/feedback Grace
5222AThompson2005-05-02RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 18/Translation
5223AThompson2005-05-02RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 18/feedback Patricia
5224AThompson2005-05-02RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 18/Translation
5225llama_nom2005-05-02Pocket money for shipwrecks
5227Patricia2005-05-02Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 18/feedback Patricia
5228Fred and Grace Hatton2005-05-02Thanks, Alan!
5229Patricia2005-05-03Re: Thanks, Alan!
5230Angel Ramos2005-05-03Re: Beginners
5231xeon_ies2005-05-03Re: Mini-project : Meanings of Norse names/terms
5232llama_nom2005-05-04Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu (conditional indicative?)
5233llama_nom2005-05-04correction to that last bit of my previous post on subjunctives
5234llama_nom2005-05-04more on subjunctives
5235mark robinson2005-05-04Re: Beginners
5236Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-04Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu (con
5237Angel Ramos2005-05-04Re: Beginners
5238Patricia2005-05-04Re: [norse_course] Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir sk
5239David Darois2005-05-04Re: Digest Number 1067
5240Patricia2005-05-04Re: Digest Number 1067
5241llama_nom2005-05-04Icelandic keyboard settings for MAC
5242llama_nom2005-05-04Nú brýtr þú + subjunctives and "if"
5244AThompson2005-05-05RE: [norse_course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu (cond
5245Patricia2005-05-05Re: [norse_course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu (cond
5246xeon_ies2005-05-05Meanings of these names
5247llama_nom2005-05-05Re: Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu
5248Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-06Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu
5249llama_nom2005-05-06Re: Pronunciation
5250Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-06Re: Pronunciation
5251Patricia2005-05-06Re: Pronunciation
5252llama_nom2005-05-06Re: Pronunciation
5253llama_nom2005-05-06Re: Meanings of these names
5254AThompson2005-05-06RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19
5255AThompson2005-05-06RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 15
5256AThompson2005-05-06RE: [norse_course] Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir sk
5257Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-06Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir skipinu ok fénu
5258Laurel Bradshaw2005-05-06Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 15
5259Patricia2005-05-06Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 19
5260llama_nom2005-05-07number accord of verbs with multiple subjects
5261AThompson2005-05-07RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19
5262mark robinson2005-05-07Re: Beginners
5263Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-07Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 19
5264Patricia2005-05-07Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 19
5265AThompson2005-05-08RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19/Translation
5266AThompson2005-05-08RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19/feedback Patricia
5267AThompson2005-05-08RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19/feedback Grace
5268Steven Frank2005-05-11Translation Question
5269Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-11Re: Translation Question
5270AThompson2005-05-11RE: [norse_course] Re: [norse _course] Nú brýtr þú ok týnir sk
5271AThompson2005-05-11RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 19/Translation
5272AThompson2005-05-13RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 20
5273Patricia2005-05-13Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 20
5275Patricia2005-05-14Re: Names
5276Jay2005-05-14Re: Names
5277Fred and Grace Hatton2005-05-14A 20
5278THORBURR2005-05-15Re: Pronunciation
5279Noah Halvorson2005-05-16Re: Pronunciation
5280llama_nom2005-05-16Re: Translation Question
5281llama_nom2005-05-16at annat hafi svá orðit
5282Haukur Þorgeirsson2005-05-16Re: [norse_course] at annat hafi svá orðit
5283llama_nom2005-05-16Re: at annat hafi svá orðit
5284David Darois2005-05-17just starting
5285AThompson2005-05-17RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 20/feedback Patricia
5286AThompson2005-05-17RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 20/feedback Grace
5287AThompson2005-05-17RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 20/Translation
5288llama_nom2005-05-17Re: Translation Question
5289Patricia2005-05-17Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 20/feedback Patricia
5290Patricia2005-05-17Re: Translation Question
5291llama_nom2005-05-17Re: Translation Question
5292Patricia2005-05-17Re: Translation Question
5293AThompson2005-05-20 [norse_course] Auðun section 21
5294AThompson2005-05-20RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 21 Take 2
5295AThompson2005-05-20RE: [norse_course] Auðun section 21 Take 3
5296Patricia2005-05-20Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 21
5297Laurel Bradshaw2005-05-21Re: [norse_course] Auðun section 21 Take 3
5298Fred and Grace Hatton2005-05-21A 21
5299David Darois2005-05-23Re: Digest Number 1081
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