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23000fortuna111112003-06-10[tied] Re: Yers
23001Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23002fortuna111112003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23003fortuna111112003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23004alex2003-06-10Bulgarian ( it was [tied] Yers)
23005alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23006alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23007m_iacomi2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23008alex2003-06-10Re: [tied]Romanus ( it was Yers)
23009Gerry2003-06-10Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23010Gerry2003-06-10Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23011Gerry2003-06-10Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23012alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: rothacism in Albanian
23013m_iacomi2003-06-10Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23014Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23015george knysh2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23016george knysh2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23017alex2003-06-10"-ila" as germanic suffix.
23018jpisc98357@...2003-06-10Re: [tied] Was Rome founded by a woman?
23019george knysh2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23020Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
23021alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23022alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Was Rome founded by a woman?
23023Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-10Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23024Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: rothacism in Albanian
23025Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
23026Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23027Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-10Re: [tied] Yers
23028Brian M. Scott2003-06-10Re: [tied] "-ila" as germanic suffix.
23029Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-06-10Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23030Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-10Re: [tied] "-ila" as germanic suffix.
23031alex2003-06-10Julius Klaproth
23032Daniel J. Milton2003-06-10Re: Was Rome founded by a woman?
23033george knysh2003-06-10Re: [tied] Julius Klaproth
23034alex2003-06-10Re: [tied] Julius Klaproth
23035Glen Gordon2003-06-11Re: [tied] PIE tales
23036Glen Gordon2003-06-11Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
23037Glen Gordon2003-06-11Re: [tied] Yers
23038P&G2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Translations into PIE
23039m_iacomi2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23040Brian M. Scott2003-06-11Re[2]: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23041m_iacomi2003-06-11Re: [tied]Romanus ( it was Yers)
23042tolgs0012003-06-11Re: Romanus (it was Yers)
23043fortuna111112003-06-11Bulgarian ( it was [tied] Yers)
23044fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23045fortuna111112003-06-11Re: [tied] Yers
23046tolgs0012003-06-11Re: Julius Klaproth
23047fortuna111112003-06-11Re: [tied] Yers
23048fortuna111112003-06-11Re: [tied] Yers
23049fortuna111112003-06-11Re: [tied] Yers
23050fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23051fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23052Sergejus Tarasovas2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23053g2003-06-11Re: Yers
23054fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23055fortuna111112003-06-11Re: Yers
23056george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23057fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23058george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23059george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23060fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23061george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23062fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23063fortuna111112003-06-11[tied] Re: Yers
23064m_iacomi2003-06-11Re: Yers
23065alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Julius Klaproth
23066Gerry2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23067fortuna111112003-06-11Re: Yers
23068alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Romanus (it was Yers)
23069alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23070m_iacomi2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23071alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23072alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23073george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23074alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23075alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23076alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23077Richard Wordingham2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23078george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23079Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23080george knysh2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23081P&G2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages
23082P&G2003-06-11Re: [tied] Ah, look at all the lonely languages Julius Klaproth Romanus (it was Yers) Yers
23086alex2003-06-11Re: [tied]ulak ( it was Re: Julius Klaproth) Yers
23088alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Yers
23089Richard Wordingham2003-06-11Re: Ah, look at all the lonely languages ulak (was Re: Julius Klaproth)
23091gknysh2003-06-11Re: Julius Klaproth
23092alex2003-06-11Re: [tied] Re: Julius Klaproth Julius Klaproth
23094Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-11Re: Julius Klaproth
23095Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-11Re: Julius Klaproth
23096Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-11[tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
23097S.Kalyanaraman2003-06-12What language did the humans speak 160,000 years ago?
23098Michael J Smith2003-06-12Tribe
23099george knysh2003-06-12Re: [tied] Re: Julius Klaproth
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