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21000Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: albanian prefix "stër-"
21001Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21002Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-14Re: [tied] Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21003P&G2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: bake
21004alex_lycos2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21005Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21006alex_lycos2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21007Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-14[tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21008Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21009Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21010alex_lycos2003-04-14Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21011João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-15Re: [tied] Fw: [Nostratica] Loss of Priceless World Heritage
21012Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-15[tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21013tgpedersen2003-04-15Re: bake
21014tgpedersen2003-04-15[tied] Re: bake
21015Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-15[tied] Re: bake
21016tgpedersen2003-04-15Re: bake
21017andelkod2003-04-15Re: [tied] Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21018Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-15Re: [tied] Re: bake
21019Andy Howey2003-04-15Pater Noster in PIE?
21020alex_lycos2003-04-15Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21021Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-15Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21022Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-15Re: bake
21023Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-15Re: [tied] Re: bake
21024alex_lycos2003-04-15Re: [tied] Re: Albanian-Romanian Concordances
21025Daniel J. Milton2003-04-16Re: Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21026george knysh2003-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21027george knysh2003-04-16Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21028Pavel Adamek2003-04-16Texts in PIE
21029tgpedersen2003-04-16Re: bake
21030tgpedersen2003-04-16Re: bake
21031Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-16Re: [tied] Re: bake
21032Daniel J. Milton2003-04-16Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21033george knysh2003-04-16Re: Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: Tychicus (St. Fortunato)
21034Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-16Re: bake
21035João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-16Chinese Phenix
21036João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-16Servian Kurent and Kraniatz
21037João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-16Hesiod, the Four Races, and Prometheus - incoherences
21038george knysh2003-04-16Re: Tychicus
21039Peter P2003-04-16Re: bake
21040tgpedersen2003-04-16Re: bake
21041Glen Gordon2003-04-16Bushu-suru
21042Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] Re: bake
21043Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21044Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] Re: bake
21045Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] IE genitive
21046Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] Tychicus
21047Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-16Re: bake
21048Andy Howey2003-04-16Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21049Glen Gordon2003-04-16Re: [tied] Chinese Phenix
21050Glen Gordon2003-04-17Re: [tied] Re: bake
21051João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-17Re: [tied] Chinese Phenix
21052Michael J Smith2003-04-17Nostr. & Eurasiatic tree
21053Pavel Adamek2003-04-17Texts in PIE
21054Michael J Smith2003-04-17Mound Warriors
21055Alwin K.2003-04-17Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21056Pavel Adamek2003-04-17Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21057Vassil Karloukovski2003-04-17Re: bake
21058Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-17Re: [tied] IE genitive
21059Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-17Re: bake
21060CeiSerith@...2003-04-17Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21061alex_lycos2003-04-17the bee
21062alex_lycos2003-04-17Re: [tied] IE genitive
21063Glen Gordon2003-04-17Re: [tied] Chinese Phenix
21064alex_lycos2003-04-17Re: [tied] Tychicus
21065P&G2003-04-17Hittite preterites
21066P&G2003-04-17Re: [tied] Re: bake
21067Glen Gordon2003-04-17Re: [tied] IE genitive
21068alex_lycos2003-04-17Re: [tied] IE genitive+correction
21069mrcaws2003-04-17Re: [tied] Chinese Phenix
21070Glen Gordon2003-04-17Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21071andelkod2003-04-18Re: Servian Kurent and Kraniatz
21072JOHN BERRY2003-04-18Digest Number 1356: Mound People
21073Brandon2003-04-18Re: Mound Warriors
21074Pavel Adamek2003-04-18Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21075andelkod2003-04-18Re: Servian Kurent and Kraniatz
21076Glen Gordon2003-04-18Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21077CeiSerith@...2003-04-18Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21078CeiSerith@...2003-04-18Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21079Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-18Re: [tied] IE genitive
21080Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-18Re: [tied] the bee
21081Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-19Re: [tied] the bee
21082alex_lycos2003-04-19Re: [tied] the bee
21083alex_lycos2003-04-19Re: [tied] the bee
21084Brian M. Scott2003-04-19Re[2]: [tied] the bee
21085P&G2003-04-19Re: [tied] Tychicus
21086Glen Gordon2003-04-19Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21087Glen Gordon2003-04-19Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21088Glen Gordon2003-04-19Re: [tied] IE genitive
21089Glen Gordon2003-04-19PIE uncoloured *a, intensive verbs in *-g-, and *?ego:
21090P&G2003-04-19Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21091Glen Gordon2003-04-19Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21092Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-19Re: [tied] IE genitive
21093Glen Gordon2003-04-19Re: [tied] IE genitive
21094Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-19To speak and to ask
21095Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-19Re: [tied] IE genitive
21096mrcaws2003-04-20Re: Chinese Phenix
21097Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21098Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21099Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
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