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21100Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21101Paul Schleitwiler2003-04-20Re: [tied] Digest Number 1358
21105Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-20Moderator's message
21106Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-20Re: [tied] the bee
21107Glen Gordon2003-04-20Ablaut and accent
21108Glen Gordon2003-04-20Circumflex accent
21109P&G2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21110Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21111P&G2003-04-20Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21112Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21113Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21114Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] Circumflex accent
21115Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21116anthonyappleyard2003-04-20Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21117Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-20Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21118Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21119Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21120Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-20Re: Re[2]: [tied] the bee
21121anthonyappleyard2003-04-20Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21122Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21123Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21124João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-20Gregorius in Arabian
21125Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21126Glen Gordon2003-04-20Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21127Max Dashu2003-04-20[tied] Re: Chinese Phenix
21128Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21129Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21130Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-20Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21131Michael J Smith2003-04-20Oops! Sorry
21132João Simões Lopes Filho2003-04-20Latin piscis - Celtic eiskos - Germanic fiskaz
21133Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-20Re: [tied] the bee
21134Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21135Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] IE genitive
21136Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21137Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-20Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21138Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-20Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21139mrcaws2003-04-20[tied] Re: Chinese Phenix
21140Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-21Re: [tied] IE genitive
21141Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21142Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-21Re: [tied] IE genitive
21143Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-21Re: [tied] IE genitive
21144tgpedersen2003-04-21Re: PIE uncoloured *a, intensive verbs in *-g-, and *?ego:
21145Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-21Re: the bee
21146alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: Re[2]: [tied] the bee
21147alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21148alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21149alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21150CeiSerith@...2003-04-21Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21151S & L2003-04-21Pokorny's Abbreviations ?
21152Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-21[tied] Re: the bee
21153Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-21Re: Pokorny's Abbreviations ?
21154Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-21Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21155Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21156Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-21Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21157Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21158S & L2003-04-21Re: Pokorny's Abbreviations & References?
21159Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-21Re: [tied] IE genitive
21160alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21161alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21162alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21163Daniel J. Milton2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21164Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-21Re: [tied] IE genitive
21165Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21166Alwin K.2003-04-21Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21167alex_lycos2003-04-21Re: [tied] the bee
21168Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-22Re: [tied] the bee
21169Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21170Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-22Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21171Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-22Re: [tied] the bee
21172Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-22Re: [tied] RE:Re: Pokorny's Abbreviations & References?
21173alex_lycos2003-04-22Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21174Pavel Adamek2003-04-22Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21175Andy Howey2003-04-22Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21176P&G2003-04-22Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21177P&G2003-04-22Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21178Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-22Re: [tied] Re: the bee
21179m_iacomi2003-04-22Re: [tied] the bee
21180Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Re: PIE uncoloured *a, intensive verbs in *-g-, and *?eg
21181Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Pater Noster in PIE?
21182Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-22Re: [tied] the bee
21183Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21184Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21185Pavel Adamek2003-04-22Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21186Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21187Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21188Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Texts in PIE
21189Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21190Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21191Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Latin piscis - Celtic eiskos - Germanic fiskaz
21192Piotr Gasiorowski2003-04-22Re: [tied] Latin piscis - Celtic eiskos - Germanic fiskaz
21193Abdullah Konushevci2003-04-22Re: [tied] Latin piscis - Celtic eiskos - Germanic fiskaz
21194Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-22Re: [tied] Hittite preterites
21195Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21196Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21197Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-22Re: [tied] IE genitive
21198Miguel Carrasquer2003-04-22Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
21199Glen Gordon2003-04-22Re: [tied] Ablaut and accent
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