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4100Sarah Bowen2004-01-29Re: Hrafnkel 152 - 176/ Sarah
4101Sarah Bowen2004-01-29Re: Hrafnkel 152 - 176/ Sarah
4102A. Mucenieks2004-01-29Re: Hrafnkel 152 - 176/ Sarah
4103Daniel Bray2004-01-29Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4104Plastikdol@...2004-01-29Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4105Laurel Bradshaw2004-01-29Re: blue clothing
4106Fred and Grace Hatton2004-01-29black clothing
4107Sarah Bowen2004-01-29Re: Hrafnkel 152 - 176/ Sarah
4108xigung2004-01-29Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4109Gerald Mcharg2004-01-29Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4110mona striewe2004-01-30sources search for a class paper
4111Kevin2004-01-30Re: Hrafnkel 152 - 176/ Sarah
4112mona striewe2004-01-30Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4113Fred and Grace Hatton2004-01-30blue overdyed on grey or dark sheep's wool
4114Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-01-30Proverb
4115Laurel Bradshaw2004-01-30Re: Hrafnkel 152-176 / Laurel
4116Laurel Bradshaw2004-02-01Hrafnkell 177-200
4117William Calhoun2004-02-02Norse in Norse
4118Marco Moretti2004-02-03Re: Norse in Norse
4119Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-03Re: Norse in Norse
4120pdhanssen@...2004-02-03Re: Norse in Norse
4121xigung2004-02-03Re: Norse in Norse
4122xigung2004-02-03Re: Jed - re Hrafnkel 152 - 176
4123Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-03Re: Norse in Norse
4124Fred and Grace Hatton2004-02-04color of wool on sheep
4125erek gass2004-02-04Re: color of wool on sheep
4126Alan Thompson2004-02-05Re: Hrafnkel 152-176 / Laurel
4127xigung2004-02-06Re: Norse in Norse
4128xigung2004-02-06Re: Hrafnkel 152-176 / Laurel
4129Gerald Mcharg2004-02-06Help! from Jed
4130Fred and Grace Hatton2004-02-06line 167
4131Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-06Re: Help! from Jed
4132William Supon2004-02-06Re: Help! from Jed
4133Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-06Re: Help! from Jed
4134Gerald Mcharg2004-02-06Jed re Berglaug's 'Lord's Prayer
4135Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-06Re: Help! from Jed
4136Plastikdol@...2004-02-07Re: Jed re Berglaug's 'Lord's Prayer
4137Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-07Re: Jed re Berglaug's 'Lord's Prayer
4138Sarah Bowen2004-02-07Re: Help! from Jed
4139Jennifer Westdal2004-02-07Re: Jed re Berglaug's 'Lord's Prayer
4140Alan Thompson2004-02-07Re: Hrafnkel 152-176 / Laurel
4141Gerald Mcharg2004-02-07Jed re Patronymics
4142Gerald Mcharg2004-02-07Jed to Reanna re patronymics
4143sjuler2004-02-08Re: Jed to Reanna re patronymics - Jedsdaughter?
4144Gerald Mcharg2004-02-08Re: Jed to Reanna re patronymics - Jedsdaughter?
4145Plastikdol@...2004-02-08Re: Jed to Reanna re patronymics - Jedsdaughter?
4146Reanna McFadden2004-02-08Language
4147richard2004-02-09Old Norse Bible
4148Joshua Tenpenny2004-02-09Old Norse Lord's Prayer, was Re: Help! from Jed
4149Joshua Tenpenny2004-02-09Lord's Prayer
4150Fred and Grace Hatton2004-02-09Hrafenkell
4151konrad_oddsson2004-02-09Re: Old Norse Bible - sorry...
4152konrad_oddsson2004-02-09The Lord's Prayer in Gothic (c. 350 C.E.)
4153Gerald Mcharg2004-02-09Re: Old Norse Lord's Prayer, was Re: Help! from Jed
4154Kevin McKechnie2004-02-09Re: Hrafnkel 74-100 / Erich
4155konrad_oddsson2004-02-11Re: Norse in Norse - norroena, from *norþrônijô
4156konrad_oddsson2004-02-11norse in norse and proto-norse
4157xigung2004-02-11Re: Hrafnkel 152-176 / Laurel
4158xigung2004-02-11Re: Old Norse Bible
4159James R. Johnson2004-02-11Re: Old Norse Bible
4160konrad_oddsson2004-02-11Re: Old Norse Bible - not likely
4161Alan Thompson2004-02-11Re: Hrafenkell 177-200
4162Terje Ellefsen2004-02-11Re: norse in norse and proto-norse
4163Lazarus Black2004-02-12Bugge vs Other
4164konrad_oddsson2004-02-12Re: norse in norse and proto-norse
4165Rig Svenson2004-02-12Re: norse in norse and proto-norse
4166xigung2004-02-13Re: Bugge vs Other
4167xigung2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4168ordlag_godvegr2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4169James R. Johnson2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4170Arlie Stephens2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4171xigung2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4172Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4173Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-13Re: Old Norse Bible
4174konrad_oddsson2004-02-14Re: Old Norse Bible
4175Laurel Bradshaw2004-02-15Re: Hrafnkell 177-200 / Laurel
4176William Calhoun2004-02-15Harry Pottr
4177Gordon Johnston2004-02-15Re: Shetland place names
4178James R. Johnson2004-02-15Re: Harry Pottr
4179Laurel Bradshaw2004-02-15Re: Harry Pottr
4180Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-15Re: Harry Pottr
4181Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-15Re: Shetland place names
4182konrad_oddsson2004-02-15Re: argskapr
4183Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-02-15Re: Shetland place names
4184Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-15Re: Shetland place names
4185Gerald Mcharg2004-02-15Jed re Konung
4186fjornir2004-02-15Re: Jed re Konung
4187Marco Moretti2004-02-17Re: Jed re Konung
4188Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-17Re: Jed re Konung
4189Gerald Mcharg2004-02-17Jed re 'konungr'
4190bilskirni2004-02-17Re: Jed re Konung
4191Marco Moretti2004-02-18Re: Jed re Konung
4192Marco Moretti2004-02-18Re: Jed re 'konungr'
4193Laurel Bradshaw2004-02-18Hrafnkell 200-224
4194xigung2004-02-19Re: Jed re Konung
4195xigung2004-02-19Re: Jed re 'konungr'
4196sjuler2004-02-19Dalecarlian course on the web (a six case language!?)
4197Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-02-20Re: Dalecarlian course on the web (a six case language!?)
4198Michael Litviak2004-02-20Discrepancies between exercises and solutions in lesson 1
4199jeffreyleiser2004-02-20Iceland visitor needs help starting again
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