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6200llama_nom2006-04-19Re: "-ið"
6201Mary Pritchard2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6202Patricia2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6203Joseph Bloch2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6204Blanc Voden2006-04-20Re: "-ið"
6205Mary Pritchard2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6206Mary Pritchard2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6207Patricia2006-04-20Re: Greetings
6208AThompson2006-04-21Re: Hrafnkell 772-790
6209llama_nom2006-04-21Re: "-ið"
6210David Bahler2006-04-21Hello
6211Patricia2006-04-21Re: Hello
6212llama_nom2006-04-21Re: "-ið"
6213Blanc Voden2006-04-21Re: "-ið"
6214Fred and Grace Hatton2006-04-21H 772
6215James R. Johnson2006-04-21RE: [norse_course] Re: "-ið"
6216Patricia2006-04-21Fw: [norse_course] Hrafnkell 772-790
6217Blanc Voden2006-04-22QuickSand
6218AThompson2006-04-23Re: Hrafnkell 772-790 / Alan's Translation
6219AThompson2006-04-23Re: H 772 / Comments for Grace
6220AThompson2006-04-23Re: Hrafnkell 772-790 / Comments for Patricia
6221Blanc Voden2006-04-23785
6222Blanc Voden2006-04-23Lows
6223Blanc Voden2006-04-23Rof bakki
6224llama_nom2006-04-23Re: Lows
6225llama_nom2006-04-23Re: Hrafnkell 772-790 / Alan's Translation
6226Scott Humbert2006-04-23"honum"
6227Patricia2006-04-23Re: "honum"
6228Patricia2006-04-23Re: "honum"
6229llama_nom2006-04-24Re: "honum"
6230Patricia2006-04-24Re: "honum"
6231Scott Humbert2006-04-24Re: "honum"
6232Blanc Voden2006-04-24"on the slope of the mountain"
6233pdhanssen@...2006-04-24Re: Dutch anyone?
6234Scott Humbert2006-04-24As you may have guessed...
6235Patricia2006-04-24Re: As you may have guessed...
6236Mariano Mazzeo2006-04-24Re: Dutch anyone?
6237Patricia2006-04-24Re: As you may have guessed...
6238I.C. Koets2006-04-24Re: Dutch anyone?
6239Justin Farwell2006-04-24Re: Dutch anyone?
6240llama_nom2006-04-24Re: As you may have guessed...
6241Blanc Voden2006-04-24Re: As you may have guessed...
6242Mariano Mazzeo2006-04-24Re: Dutch anyone?
6243AThompson2006-04-25Re: "on the slope of the mountain"
6244AThompson2006-04-25Re: As you may have guessed...
6245Stefano Mazza2006-04-25guð and Áss
6246Blanc Voden2006-04-25Re: "on the slope of the mountain"
6247Blanc Voden2006-04-25About trans or meditate
6248pdhanssen@...2006-04-25Re: Dutch anyone?
6249AThompson2006-04-28Re: Hrafnkell 791-825
6250Patricia2006-04-28Fw: [norse_course] Hrafnkell 791-825 Patricia's attempt Hrafnkell
6251Fred and Grace Hatton2006-04-29H-791
6252Blanc Voden2006-04-29Drengilega
6253Blanc Voden2006-04-29In deed
6254Patricia2006-04-29Re: Drengilega
6255AThompson2006-04-30Re: Hrafnkell 791-825 / Comments for Grace
6256AThompson2006-04-30Re: Hrafnkell 791-825 / Comments for Patricia
6257AThompson2006-04-30RE: [norse_course] Hrafnkell 791-825 / Alan´s Translation
6258Fred and Grace Hatton2006-05-01fell
6259Patricia2006-05-01Re: fell
6260Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: fell
6261Blanc Voden2006-05-01l 802
6262Blanc Voden2006-05-01Hvat er leika
6263Blanc Voden2006-05-01II, 807 - 810
6264Patricia2006-05-01Re: fell
6265Patricia2006-05-01Re: l 802
6266Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: fell
6267Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: fell
6268llama_nom2006-05-01Re: Hrafnkell 791-825 / Alan´s Translation
6269Patricia2006-05-01Re: [norse_course] Re: Hrafnkell 791-825 / Alan´s Translation
6270llama_nom2006-05-01Re: fell
6271Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: fell
6272Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: Hrafnkell 791-825 / Alan´s Translation
6273Blanc Voden2006-05-01Re: fell
6274AThompson2006-05-05Re: Hrafnkell 826-855
6275Patricia2006-05-06Hrafnkell 826-855 Patricia's Effort
6276Fred and Grace Hatton2006-05-06H 826
6277Blanc Voden2006-05-06Re: H 826
6278Blanc Voden2006-05-06As this was done
6279Blanc Voden2006-05-06Hinn er annarr
6280AThompson2006-05-07Re: Hrafnkell 826-855 / Alan's Translation
6281AThompson2006-05-07Re: Hrafnkell 826-855 / Comments for Patricia
6282AThompson2006-05-07Re: H 826 / Comments for Grace
6283llama_nom2006-05-07Re: Hrafnkell 826-855 / Alan's Translation
6284llama_nom2006-05-07þat mælti mín móðir (performed by Rauðir fiskar)
6285llama_nom2006-05-07Faroese folk music
6286Blanc Voden2006-05-07Re: Hrafnkell 826-855 / Alan's Translation
6287Patricia2006-05-07Taken from Alan's translation
6288Blanc Voden2006-05-07Re: Taken from Alan's translation
6289David Bahler2006-05-08Re: þat mælti mín móðir (performed by Rauðir fiskar)
6290kiyo9tails2006-05-08Re: Faroese folk music
6291rune@...2006-05-08Re: Faroese folk music
6292Markus Martin2006-05-08Re: Faroese folk music
6293LM2006-05-08Re: ˛at mÊlti mÌn mÛir (performed by Rauir fiskar)
6294LM2006-05-08Re: Faroese folk music
6295Fred and Grace Hatton2006-05-08Faroese songs website shutting down 15th May (+link to Flúgvandi bidil
6297llama_nom2006-05-09Re: website shutting down 15th May (+link to Flúgvandi b
6298kiyo9tails2006-05-09Re: Faroese folk music
6299kiyo9tails2006-05-09Re: Faroese folk music
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