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4300erek gass2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4301Jarrod Clark2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4302Rose Lieberman2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4303mona striewe2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4304Rose Lieberman2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4305mona striewe2004-04-11Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS ---> flexion
4306Rose Lieberman2004-04-12Going no mail
4307Scott Mohnkern2004-04-13Returning after some time
4308Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-04-14Re: Returning after some time
4309Joshua Tenpenny2004-04-15Re: Newbie with QUESTIONS
4310Erich Rickheit KSC2004-04-16Hrafnkell 250-274
4311lordsme2004-04-16Hi everyone! I need a translation
4312Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-04-16Re: Hi everyone! I need a translation
4313pdhanssen@...2004-04-16Re: Sv: Old Norse pronunciation [sound samples pf basic vocabulary]
4314haukurth@...2004-04-19Re: Document
4315Joshua Tenpenny2004-04-22Another translation...
4316Fred and Grace Hatton2004-04-22know thyself
4317Dirk Howat2004-05-03Re: Another translation...
4318Dirk Howat2004-05-03Re: Another translation...
4319Fred and Grace Hatton2004-05-04Hrafnkell translation, section 11
4320Ingeborg S. Nordén2004-05-04"Know thyself" translation
4321sjuler2004-05-04Re: Another translation...
4322Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-05-04Re: Another translation...
4323LoreKeeper@...2004-05-05Re: Another translation...
4324sjuler2004-05-06Re: Another translation... ' "att känna"
4325Joshua Tenpenny2004-05-06Re: [norse_course] Re: Another translation... ' "att känna"
4326Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2004-05-06Re: Another translation...
4327gary finch2004-05-07Re: Another translation...
4328AThompson2004-05-07Re: Hrafnkell translation, section 11
4329Erich Rickheit KSC2004-05-07Re: Hrafnkell translation, section 11
4330Arlie Stephens2004-05-07To Grow In Your Eye (was Re: [norse_course] Hrafnkell translation,
4331Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-05-07Re: To Grow In Your Eye (was Re: [norse_course] Hrafnkell translati
4332sjuler2004-05-07SvTo Grow In Your Eye (was Re: [norse_course] Hrafnkell translation
4333bilskirni2004-05-11A question for Haukur
4334Fred Enga2004-05-11Re: A question for Haukur
4335Erich Rickheit KSC2004-05-18Re: Hrafnkell translation, section 11
4336Erich Rickheit KSC2004-05-18Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4337pdhanssen@...2004-05-19Re: Hrafnkell translation, section 11
4338lubaamikoj22004-05-22new member
4339Sarah Bowen2004-05-22Re: new member
4340Petusek2004-05-27Old vs. Modern Icelandic
4341mona striewe2004-05-27Re: Old vs. Modern Icelandic
4342Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-05-27Re: Old vs. Modern Icelandic
4343pdhanssen@...2004-05-27Re: Old vs. Modern Icelandic
4344sjuler2004-05-29SV: Old vs. Modern Icelandic (this is for Paul Hanssen - mainly)
4345sjuler2004-05-31Corrected alphabet list (for Paul Hansen mainly)
4346Stridmann2004-06-01Reconstructed Pronunciation
4347sjuler2004-06-01Sv: Reconstructed Pronunciation
4348Stridmann2004-06-02Re: Sv: Reconstructed Pronunciation
4349sjuler2004-06-02Sv: Re: Sv: Reconstructed Pronunciation
4350twitterflitter2004-06-05Total Newbie
4351pdhanssen@...2004-06-07Re: Corrected alphabet list (for Paul Hansen mainly)
4352sjuler2004-06-07Re: Corrected alphabet list (for Paul Hansen mainly)
4353scyld_shefing2004-06-15New person here
4354pdhanssen@...2004-06-21Re: Corrected alphabet list (for Paul Hansen mainly)
4355Katz Blechl2004-06-22New Person
4356Lewis, Raymond J.2004-06-23Re: New Person
4357phantomnose2004-06-23lesson 1: a mistake?
4358Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-23Re: lesson 1: a mistake?
4359William Calhoun2004-06-23g-pronunciation
4360Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-23Re: g-pronunciation
4361bilskirni2004-06-23Re: g-pronunciation
4362sjuler2004-06-23Sv: Re: g-pronunciation - 'dagr' sound file added
4363sjuler2004-06-23Sv: g-pronunciation - sound files recorded
4364Erich Rickheit KSC2004-06-24Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4365Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4366Laurel Bradshaw2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4367AThompson2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4368Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4369AThompson2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4370Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-25Re: Hrafnkell 274-294
4371Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-29From Manuscript to Received Text - Völuspá
4372sjuler2004-06-29"iambr" = í Ambir" - one year old mystery finally solved!
4373Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-06-29Re: "iambr" = í Ambir" - one year old mystery finally solved!
4374Fred and Grace Hatton2004-07-03Off topic runes
4375Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-03Re: Off topic runes
4376William Calhoun2004-07-03Ragnarsdrápa
4377Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-04Re: [norse_course] Ragnarsdrápa
4378Rig Svenson2004-07-04Re: Off topic runes
4379Thorgate9@...2004-07-04Re: Off topic runes
4380Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-05Fengeyðandi
4381akoddsson2004-07-05Re: Ragnarsdrápa
4382Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-05Re: Ragnarsdrápa
4383mohnkern2004-07-08Translation question
4384mohnkern2004-07-08Another Sentence
4385Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-09Re: Another Sentence
4386mohnkern2004-07-09Re: Another Sentence
4387Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-09Re: Another Sentence
4388mohnkern2004-07-09Re: Another Sentence
4389Tim Elario2004-07-10Re: Another Sentence
4390Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-11Þursa dróttinn - The Lord of Giants
4391Katharina2004-07-11New here
4392akoddsson2004-07-12rúnar ek ríst auk ráþna stafi
4393James R. Johnson2004-07-13RE: [norse_course] rúnar ek ríst auk ráþna stafi
4394akoddsson2004-07-13Re: *rûnôz ek rîstu jah ø2 and other West Norse variations
4395William Calhoun2004-07-26Icelandic and Old Icelandic
4396Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-26Re: Icelandic and Old Icelandic
4397David Darois2004-07-26Re: Digest Number 897
4398Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-07-26Re: Digest Number 897
4399sjuler2004-07-31Sv: Re: "iambr" = í Ambir" - one year old mystery finally solved!
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