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4400James R. Johnson2004-08-04RE: [norse_course] Sv: Re: "iambr" = í Ambir" - one year old myst
4401James R. Johnson2004-08-04Computer Glossary
4402James R. Johnson2004-08-05Encyclopedia
4403Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-08-05Re: Computer Glossary
4404lucyjane.michel@...2004-08-07Re: Computer Glossary
4405norsnjuvr2004-08-18Im new and eager to learn
4406Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-08-19Re: Im new and eager to learn
4407norsnjuvr2004-08-19Regular Verbs
4408mona striewe2004-08-19Re: Regular Verbs
4409Tamara2004-08-23English into ON
4410Michael Smith2004-08-30help please? and Hey I just joined
4411Cherrie Kuntz2004-09-03Re: help please? and Hey I just joined
4412Lewis, Raymond J.2004-09-03Re: help please?
4413kristin2004-09-06Help translating
4414Padraic I.M. MacUidhir2004-09-10Re: English into ON
4415thearmyofoz2004-09-10Will/New Member
4416Deacon Pollux2004-09-10Re: Will/New Member
4417Heather Danaher2004-09-10Re: English into ON
4418akoddsson2004-09-11Re: English into ON
4419thearmyofoz2004-09-11Re: Will/New Member
4420fjornir2004-09-13Re: Will
4421Terje Ellefsen2004-09-13Re: Will/New Member
4422Heather Charlton2004-09-14Re: Will
4423Heather Charlton2004-09-14Re: Will/New Member
4424akoddsson2004-09-14*namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4425Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-09-14Re: [norse _course] *namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4426lucyjane.michel@...2004-09-15Re: *namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4427sarahbowen@...2004-09-17Re: *namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4428akoddsson2004-09-18Re: *namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4429akoddsson2004-09-18Re: [norse _course] *namnu dagô wikôn - nöfn vikudaganna
4430lyssa_hinmannsdatter2004-10-05"Everyday" seid
4431Cathy Burke2004-10-05Re: "Everyday" seid
4432Sarah Bowen2004-10-09Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4433Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-09Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4434rune@...2004-10-10Re: Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4436Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-10-10Re: [norse _course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4437Haukur Thorgeirsson2004-10-10Re: [norse _course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4438Thomas Lindblom2004-10-10Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzk a?=
4439kurisuto12004-10-12Volunteers to hand-correct online Germanic dictionaries
4440Thorgate9@...2004-10-12Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4441shepald132004-10-12Njals Saga in Icelandic
4442Kenneth Christensen2004-10-12Old Dansk
4443Fernando Guerrero2004-10-12Re: Njals Saga in Icelandic
4444akoddsson2004-10-12Re: Old Dansk
4445Sarah Bowen2004-10-12Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4446Kenneth Christensen2004-10-13Re: Old Dansk
4447pdhanssen@...2004-10-13Re: Old Dansk
4448Sarah Bowen2004-10-15Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4449llama_nom2004-10-15Re: Old Dansk
4450Dirk Howat2004-10-20Re: Njals Saga in Icelandic
4451Sarah Bowen2004-10-22Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4452Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-23Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4453Sarah Bowen2004-10-23Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4454Sarah Bowen2004-10-23Translation - an idea!
4455Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-23Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4456Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-23Re: Translation - an idea!
4457Sarah Bowen2004-10-23Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4458Sarah Bowen2004-10-23Re: Translation - an idea!
4459Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-23Re: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4460telario@...2004-10-23Re: Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka / Laurel
4461Ingeborg S. Nordén2004-10-23Pronoun-plus-name construction
4462Jessica Wulff2004-10-23shiny?
4463Patricia2004-10-24I am learning
4464Sarah Bowen2004-10-24Re: I am learning
4465Sarah Bowen2004-10-24Re: Pronoun-plus-name construction
4466Patricia2004-10-24Re: I am learning
4467Patricia2004-10-25Re: I am learning
4468Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-25Re: I am learning
4469Fred and Grace Hatton2004-10-25Auðun
4470Patricia2004-10-25Re: I am learning
4471Sarah Bowen2004-10-26Re: I am learning
4472Sarah Bowen2004-10-26Re: [norse_course] Auðun
4473Patricia2004-10-27Re: I am learning
4474Stridmann2004-10-27Old Icelandic in 40 Seconds
4475chicanechagrin2004-10-27dictionary comparison: Cleasby vs. Zoëga
4476Patricia2004-10-27Re: [norse_course] dictionary comparison: Cleasby vs. Zoëga
4477Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-27Re: Old Icelandic in 40 Seconds
4478chicanechagrin2004-10-27Re: dictionary comparison: Cleasby vs. Zoëga
4479Dirk Howat2004-10-28Re: I am learning
4480Dirk Howat2004-10-28Re: I am learning
4481Dirk Howat2004-10-28Re: I am learning
4482Sarah Bowen2004-10-29Re: I am learning
4483mona striewe2004-10-29Re: dictionaries
4484Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-29Re: I am learning
4485Sarah Bowen2004-10-29Þáttr Auðunar continued!
4486AThompson2004-10-29RE: [norse_course] Þáttr Auðunar Vestfirzka
4487Michael Murphy2004-10-29Wolsey Hall Old Icelandic course
4488mona striewe2004-10-29Re: bondi
4489Patricia2004-10-29Re: bondi
4490Patricia2004-10-29Re: Wolsey Hall Old Icelandic course
4491Patricia2004-10-29Re: bondi
4492Patricia2004-10-29Re: Wolsey Hall Old Icelandic course
4493Dirk Howat2004-10-29Re: I am learning
4494Dirk Howat2004-10-29Re: bondi
4495Dirk Howat2004-10-29Re: Þáttr Auðunar continued!
4496Laurel Bradshaw2004-10-29Re: I am learning
4497Dirk Howat2004-10-29Re: I am learning
4498Fernando Guerrero2004-10-29spýta?????
4499Patricia2004-10-29Re: I am learning
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