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33600Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-23Re: [tied] again Slavic "dragU"
33601Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-23[tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33602alex2004-07-23Re: [tied] again Slavic "dragU"
33603Sergejus Tarasovas2004-07-23Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33604m62004-07-24Hello. New Member
33605Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-24Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33606petegray2004-07-24Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33607Brian M. Scott2004-07-24Re[2]: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33608Bromios King2004-07-24Re: [tied] som?
33609Richard Wordingham2004-07-24Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33610Richard Wordingham2004-07-24Phonologically Peculiar English Words (was: IE lexical accent)
33611Richard Wordingham2004-07-24Phonologically Peculiar English Words - Clarification
33612Sergejus Tarasovas2004-07-24Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33613enlil@...2004-07-24Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33614Brian M. Scott2004-07-24Re[4]: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33615Richard Wordingham2004-07-24[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33616Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-24Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33617Sergejus Tarasovas2004-07-25Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33618petegray2004-07-25Re: [tied] Re: Wuz
33619petegray2004-07-25Re: [tied] Hello. New Member
33620Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-25Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33621Sergejus Tarasovas2004-07-25Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33622Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-25Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33623george knysh2004-07-25Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33624Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-25[tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33625Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-25Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33626Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-25[tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33627Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-25Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33628alex2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33629Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33630elmeras20002004-07-26[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33631elmeras20002004-07-26[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33632enlil@...2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33633enlil@...2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33634enlil@...2004-07-26Re: Re[4]: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33635elmeras20002004-07-26Re: IE lexical accent
33636Richard Wordingham2004-07-26[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33637elmeras20002004-07-26[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33638alex2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33639Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-26Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33640petegray2004-07-27Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33641tgpedersen2004-07-27Kusunda and Indo-Pacific
33642tgpedersen2004-07-27Re: [tied] som?
33643tgpedersen2004-07-27Re: som?
33644Bromios King2004-07-28Re: [tied] som?
33645Richard Wordingham2004-07-28YHWH & Dyaus (was: [tied] som?)
33646altamix2004-07-28Re: [tied] som?
33647Ben McGarr2004-07-29[tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33648Richard Wordingham2004-07-29[tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33649Bromios King2004-07-29Re: [tied] som?
33650Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-29Vrddhi [was: som?]
33651alex2004-07-29Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33652Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-29Re: [tied] Re: again Slavic "dragU"
33653enlil@...2004-07-29Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33654Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-07-30Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33655petegray2004-07-30Re: [tied] som?
33656petegray2004-07-30Re: [tied] som?
33657enlil@...2004-07-30Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33658enlil@...2004-07-30Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33659elmeras20002004-07-30[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33660Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-30Metathesis of liquids
33661alex2004-07-31Re: [tied] Metathesis of liquids
33662Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-31Re: Metathesis of liquids
33663tolgs0012004-07-31Re: Metathesis of liquids
33664Miguel Carrasquer2004-07-31Re: [tied] Re: Metathesis of liquids
33665alex2004-07-31Re: [tied] Re: Metathesis of liquids
33666Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-31[tied] Re: Metathesis of liquids
33667tolgs0012004-07-31Re: Metathesis of liquids
33668enlil@...2004-07-31Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33669tolgs0012004-07-31Re: Metathesis of liquids
33670enlil@...2004-07-31Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33671enlil@...2004-07-31Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33672Abdullah Konushevci2004-07-31Re: Metathesis of liquids
33673elmeras20002004-08-01[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33674elmeras20002004-08-01[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33675Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-01[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33676elmeras20002004-08-01[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33677elmeras20002004-08-01Re: IE lexical accent
33678elmeras20002004-08-01[tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33679alex2004-08-01a question about Vocative in Rom.
33680cybalist@yahoogroups.com2004-08-01File - Rules.txt
33681Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-01River names
33682Richard Wordingham2004-08-02Animate Relative Pronouns in English (was: IE lexical accent)
33683Michael Smith2004-08-02Q-Celtic in Gaul? and Celtiberian
33684Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-02Re: [tied] Q-Celtic in Gaul? and Celtiberian
33685Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-02Re: [tied] a question about Vocative in Rom.
33686alex2004-08-02Re: [tied] a question about Vocative in Rom.
33687Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-02The PIE genitive again
33688enlil@...2004-08-03Re: [tied] The PIE genitive again
33689enlil@...2004-08-03Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33690enlil@...2004-08-04Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33691enlil@...2004-08-04Re: [tied] Animate Relative Pronouns in English (was: IE lexical ac
33692enlil@...2004-08-04Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33694petegray2004-08-04Re: [tied] Animate Relative Pronouns in English (was: IE lexical
33695enlil@...2004-08-04Kabardian antipassives
33696Richard Wordingham2004-08-04Re: Kabardian antipassives
33697elmeras20002004-08-04Re: Kabardian antipassives
33698alex2004-08-04Re: IE people, the animals and the elements of the house
33699Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-08-05[Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent]
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