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33700Alwin K.2004-08-05Re: [tied] Jasanov
33701Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-05Re: [tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33703elmeras20002004-08-05[tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33704Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-05Active / Stative
33705Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-05Re: [tied] Active / Stative
33706elmeras20002004-08-06Re: Active / Stative
33707elmeras20002004-08-06Re: [tied] Active / Stative
33708Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-06Re: [tied] Active / Stative
33709Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-06Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33710petegray2004-08-06Re: [tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33711enlil@...2004-08-06Re: [Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent]
33712elmeras20002004-08-06Re: [tied] Active / Stative
33713Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-07Re: [tied] Active / Stative
33714elmeras20002004-08-07[tied] Re: Active / Stative
33715Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-07Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33716tgpedersen2004-08-07Scanner - OCR question
33717tgpedersen2004-08-07[Fwd: Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent]
33718Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-07Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33719elmeras20002004-08-07[tied] Re: Active / Stative
33720Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-07Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33721elmeras20002004-08-07[tied] Re: Active / Stative
33722Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-07Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33723Rob2004-08-08Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33724enlil@...2004-08-09Thinking on Syncope, mediopassives and reduplication
33725petegray2004-08-09Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33726petegray2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33727Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-09Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33728Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-08-09Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33729Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-09Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33730Brent J. Ermlick2004-08-09Re: [tied] Re: IE lexical accent
33731enlil@...2004-08-09Re: [tied] Thinking on Syncope, mediopassives and reduplication
33732Kim Bastin2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33733Juha Savolainen2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33734Peter P2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33735Richard Wordingham2004-08-09[tied] Re: Active / Stative
33736Peter P2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33737enlil@...2004-08-09Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33738Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-10PIE *gWreig^-
33739Marco Moretti2004-08-10Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33740Marco Moretti2004-08-10[tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33741tgpedersen2004-08-10Re: -(t)er
33742tgpedersen2004-08-10Re: Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33743tgpedersen2004-08-10[tied] Re: Kabardian antipassives
33744Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33745Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33746Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33747enlil@...2004-08-10Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33748enlil@...2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33749enlil@...2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33750Daniel J. Milton2004-08-10Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33751petegray2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33752petegray2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33753Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33754Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33755Richard Wordingham2004-08-10[tied] Re: Active / Stative
33756Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-08-10Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33757Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33758petegray2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: -(t)er
33759petegray2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33760petegray2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33761petegray2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33762tgpedersen2004-08-11Re: -(t)er
33763Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33764Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: -(t)er
33765Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33766tgpedersen2004-08-11Re: -(t)er
33767Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-11Re: [tied] Re: -(t)er
33768Marco Moretti2004-08-12Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33769tgpedersen2004-08-12Re: -(t)er
33770petegray2004-08-12Re: [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33771enlil@...2004-08-12Re: [tied] Uralic Substrate in Germanic?
33772Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-13(fwd) [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33773Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-13Re: (fwd) [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33774Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-08-13Re: (fwd) [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33775alex2004-08-13Di Indigetes
33776Daniel J. Milton2004-08-13Re: Di Indigetes
33777enlil@...2004-08-14Mater theia
33778Miguel Carrasquer2004-08-14Re: (fwd) [tied] Re: Active / Stative
33779Daniel J. Milton2004-08-14Re: Mater theia
33780tgpedersen2004-08-14Re: -(t)er
33781enlil@...2004-08-15Re: [tied] Re: Mater theia
33782enlil@...2004-08-15Re: [tied] Re: Mater theia
33783Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-16*aisk- 'bright, shining'
33784alex2004-08-16Re: [tied] *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33785Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-16Re: [tied] *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33786Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-16Re: [tied] *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33787Daniel J. Milton2004-08-16[tied] Re: Mater theia
33788Daniel J. Milton2004-08-16[tied] Re: Mater theia
33789alex2004-08-16Re: [tied] Re: Mater theia
33790tgpedersen2004-08-16Re: Mater theia
33791alex2004-08-16Re: [tied] *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33792Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-16Re: *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33793alex2004-08-16Re: [tied] Re: *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33794Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-16Re: *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33795alex2004-08-16Re: [tied] Re: *aisk- 'bright, shining'
33796petegray2004-08-17Re: [tied] Re: Mater theia
33797alex2004-08-17Albanian, IE & Latin "o:" and "e:". it was (Re: [tied] Re: *aisk- '
33798Abdullah Konushevci2004-08-17Albanian, IE & Latin "o:" and "e:". it was (Re: [tied] Re: *aisk- '
33799alex2004-08-17Re: Albanian, IE & Latin "o:" and "e:". it was (Re: [tied] Re: *ais
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