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25700alex2003-09-09Re: [tied] Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25701m_iacomi2003-09-09[tied] Re: Romanian linguistic works
25702m_iacomi2003-09-09[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25703tolgs0012003-09-09Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25704tolgs0012003-09-09Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25705m_iacomi2003-09-09Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25706m_iacomi2003-09-09[tied] Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25707alex2003-09-09Re: [tied] Re: Romanian linguistic works
25708alex2003-09-09Re: [tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25709G.R.2003-09-09Re: [tied] Re: Indo-European for Uralic speakers
25710Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-09Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25711Ben McGarr2003-09-10Ducks and Souls
25712altamix2003-09-10Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25713Michael J Smith2003-09-10Re: [tied] language system
25714Michael J Smith2003-09-10Re: [tied] language system
25715lifeiscool862003-09-10The Crest for the PIEs
25716tolgs0012003-09-10Re: Prope
25717tolgs0012003-09-10Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25718tgpedersen2003-09-10[tied] Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25719tgpedersen2003-09-10Re: Ducks and Souls
25720tgpedersen2003-09-10Re: Ducks and Souls
25721tgpedersen2003-09-10Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25722tgpedersen2003-09-10Armer orphan!
25723Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-10Re: [tied] The Crest for the PIEs
25724Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-10Re: [tied] language system
25725m_iacomi2003-09-10[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25726Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-10Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls -- self-correction
25727Jim Rader2003-09-10Re: [tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25728Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-10Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25729m_iacomi2003-09-10[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25730tgpedersen2003-09-10[tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25731m_iacomi2003-09-10Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances
25732Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-10[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25733alex2003-09-10Re: [tied] -ella > ua ( it was some Rom.-aLb. concordance)
25734m_iacomi2003-09-10[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25735m_iacomi2003-09-10Re: [tied] -ella > ua ( it was some Rom.-aLb. concordance)
25736Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-10Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25737Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-11[tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25738Brian M. Scott2003-09-11Re: [tied] Armer orphan!
25739alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Armer orphan!
25740alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25741alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f" [...])
25742alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Prope (Re: Albanian "f", more cognates
25743Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-11Re: [tied] -ella > ua ( it was some Rom.-aLb. concordance)
25744Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-11Re: [tied] Albanian "f"
25745Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-11Re: Albanian "f"
25746tolgs0012003-09-11Re: -ella > ua (was: some Rom.-aLb. concordance)
25747tolgs0012003-09-11Re: Prope
25748altamix2003-09-11PIE *le:p/*la:b
25749m_iacomi2003-09-11Other words... Re: Prope
25750tgpedersen2003-09-11[tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25751m_iacomi2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25752altamix2003-09-11Re: [tied] -ella > ua ( it was some Rom.-aLb. concordance)
25753altamix2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25754m_iacomi2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25755tgpedersen2003-09-11Re: Ducks and Souls
25756tolgs0012003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25757tolgs0012003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25758tolgs0012003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25759altamix2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25760altamix2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25761Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-11Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25762Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-11Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25763altamix2003-09-11Re: Prope
25764m_iacomi2003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25765tolgs0012003-09-11Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25766alex2003-09-11PIE (s)lab
25767tolgs0012003-09-11Re: Prope
25768Daniel J. Milton2003-09-11Re: Ducks and Souls
25769alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25770alex2003-09-11Re: [tied] Alb. initial "h" ( it was Re: Prope)
25771Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-11Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25772Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-12[tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25773tolgs0012003-09-12Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25774P&G2003-09-12Re: [tied] language system
25775P&G2003-09-12Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Vampire, i Dorogaya
25776tolgs0012003-09-12Re: Alb. initial "h" (it was Re: Prope)
25777tolgs0012003-09-12Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25778alex2003-09-12Re: [tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25779m_iacomi2003-09-12Rom. & Alb. initial "h"
25780m_iacomi2003-09-12[tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25781tolgs0012003-09-12Re: Rom. & Alb. initial "h"
25782tolgs0012003-09-12Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25783tgpedersen2003-09-12Re: Ducks and Souls
25784m_iacomi2003-09-12Re: Ducks and Souls
25785Brian M. Scott2003-09-12Re[4]: [tied] Re: Vampire, i Dorogaya
25786tgpedersen2003-09-12Re: Ducks and Souls
25787m_iacomi2003-09-12Re: Ducks and Souls
25788alex2003-09-12Re: [tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25789etherman232003-09-12PIE Stop System
25790Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-12Re: [tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25791Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-12Re: [tied] Re: Ducks and Souls
25792Abdullah Konushevci2003-09-13[tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25793Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-09-13Re: [tied] PIE Stop System
25794tgpedersen2003-09-13Re: Ducks and Souls
25795P&G2003-09-13Re: Re[4]: [tied] Re: Vampire, i Dorogaya
25796P&G2003-09-13Re: [tied] PIE Stop System
25797P&G2003-09-13Re: [tied] PIE Stop System
25798Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-13Re: [tied] Re: PIE *le:p/*la:b
25799Piotr Gasiorowski2003-09-13Re: [tied] PIE Stop System
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