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3500Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-23Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3501Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-23Re: To the 'Hrafnkel' group from Jed
3502Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-23Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3503eedubravsky2003-08-23old norse texts
3504Gerald Mcharg2003-08-23Jed re Laurel's proposal
3505Thomas Lindblom2003-08-24Re: Jed re Laurel's proposal
3506Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-24Re: Jed re Laurel's proposal
3507Gerald Mcharg2003-08-24Jed re- posting texts
3508Mikey Cox2003-08-25Re: Jed re Laurel's proposal
3509Thomas Lindblom2003-08-25Re: Jed re- posting texts
3510Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-25Hrafnkel Chapter One (Lines 1-19)
3511Jarrod Clark2003-08-26comparing ON to OE
3512Daniel Ryan Prohaska2003-08-27AW: [norse_course] comparing ON to OE
3513Gerald Mcharg2003-08-27Re: comparing ON to OE
3514Gareth Jelley2003-08-28OE (was: Re: [norse_course] Digest Number 677)
3515Terje Ellefsen2003-08-29Re: AW: [norse_course] comparing ON to OE
3516Jarrod Clark2003-08-29Re: AW: [norse_course] comparing ON to OE
3517Dæg2003-08-29Re: AW: [norse_course] comparing ON to OE
3518Laurel Bradshaw2003-08-29Re: Bodvar 109 - 128/ Laurel's
3519ryanprohaskadan2003-08-30comparing OE to ON
3520ryanprohaskadan2003-08-31comparing OE to ON
3521simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-01ok lét hann leika laust knéit í brókinni
3522Grace Hatton2003-09-01Hrafnkel 1
3523Sarah Bowen2003-09-01Re: Bothvarr finally translated
3524Sarah Bowen2003-09-01Re: Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3525Jon Nall2003-09-03pronunciation questions
3526Sarah Bowen2003-09-03Re: Hrafnkel 1
3527Sarah Bowen2003-09-04Re: Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3528Sarah Bowen2003-09-04Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3529Arlie Stephens2003-09-04Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3530Arlie Stephens2003-09-04Re: Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3531Arlie Stephens2003-09-04Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3532Sarah Bowen2003-09-04Re: Bodvar 109 - 128/ Laurel's
3533Sarah Bowen2003-09-04Hrafnkell ch 1 lines 1-19 Sarah Bowen
3534Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-04Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3535Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-05Re: Bodvar 109 - 128/ Laurel's
3536P DURBIN2003-09-05Re: Hrafnkell ch 1 lines 1-19 Sarah Bowen
3537Gerald Mcharg2003-09-05From Jed Re: [norse_course] Hrafnkell ch 1 lines 1-19 Sarah Bowen
3538Christian Johnson2003-09-05Re: Hrafnkel Chapter One (Lines 1-19)
3539Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-05Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Laurel
3540Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-05Re: Hrafnkel Chapter One (Lines 1-19)
3541Sarah Bowen2003-09-05Re: Hrafnkell ch 1 lines 1-19 Sarah Bowen
3542Sarah Bowen2003-09-05Re: From Jed Re: [norse_course] Hrafnkell ch 1 lines 1-19 Sarah Bo
3543Sarah Bowen2003-09-05Re: Bodvar 109 - 128/ Laurel's
3544Lenon Kramer2003-09-06dictionary
3545Rig Svenson2003-09-06Re: dictionary
3546Thomas Lindblom2003-09-06Hrafnkel 1-19 [thomas]
3547Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-06Re: dictionary
3548Gerald Mcharg2003-09-06Jed - Re: [norse_course] dictionary
3549Sarah Bowen2003-09-07Re: [norse_course] Böðvarr lines 92 to 109/ Laurel's
3550Sarah Bowen2003-09-07Re: Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3551Alfta2003-09-07Rasmus Rask
3552Arlie Stephens2003-09-07Re: Bothvar lines 72- 91/Laurel's
3553Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-07Re: Rasmus Rask
3554Gerald Mcharg2003-09-07Jed -re Hrafnkel ll.1-19
3555Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-07Re: dictionary
3556Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-08Hrafnkel
3557Arlie Stephens2003-09-08Re: Hrafnkel
3558P DURBIN2003-09-08Re: Hrafnkel
3559Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-08Re: Hrafnkel
3560Mikey Cox2003-09-08Hrafnkel
3561Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-08Re: Hrafnkel
3562Alan Lewis2003-09-08Re: Hrafnkel
3563Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-08At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3564Alfta2003-09-09Re: Rasmus Rask
3565Daniel Bray2003-09-09Re: Hrafnkel
3566Sarah Bowen2003-09-10Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3567Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-11Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3568Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-11Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3569Dæg2003-09-11Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3570Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-11Re: heita
3571Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3572ryanprohaskadan2003-09-11<-eth> ending in English
3573Dæg2003-09-11Re: At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3574Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-11Re: <-eth> ending in English
3575Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-11Hrafnkel 19-46
3576Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: Jed -re Hrafnkel ll.1-19
3577Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkel 1
3578Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Laurel
3579Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkel 1-19 [thomas]
3580Sarah Bowen2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkels Chapter 1
3581Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Laurel
3582Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-11Re: Hrafnkel 1
3583Gerald Mcharg2003-09-11From Jed Re: [norse_course] At last! Finishing Bodvarr / Laurel
3584Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-12Hrafnkel -- map
3585Gerald Mcharg2003-09-12Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Laurel
3586Sarah Bowen2003-09-12Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Laurel
3587Sarah Bowen2003-09-12Re: Hrafnkel 1
3588simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-12joining Hrafnkell
3589Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-12Re: joining Hrafnkell
3590P DURBIN2003-09-13Re: Hrafnkel 19-46
3591telesquid20022003-09-13Old Norse course
3592P DURBIN2003-09-13Re: Hrafnkel 19-46
3593Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-13River Ranga
3594simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-15Hrafnkel 1-18 / Simon (enclosed)
3595Sarah Bowen2003-09-15Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Simon (enclosed)
3596Erich Rickheit KSC2003-09-16Hrafnkel 19-46
3598Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-16Re: Hrafnkel 1-18 / Simon (enclosed)
3599Sarah Bowen2003-09-16Re: Introduction
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