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3600eric riser2003-09-17Re: Introduction
3601eric riser2003-09-17Re: Introduction
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3604polyglot_792003-09-17Re: Introduction
3605Vidar2003-09-17Re: n00b
3606Sarah Bowen2003-09-17Re: Introduction
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3608Gerald Mcharg2003-09-17fJed re maps
3609Cathy Burke2003-09-18Re: fJed re maps
3610Daniel Bray2003-09-18Re: fJed re maps
3611Sarah Bowen2003-09-18Re: fJed re maps
3612Kevin McKechnie2003-09-18(no subject)
3613Muldain2003-09-18pronouncing "r" ?
3614Ares Kiegan2003-09-18Re: Hello All!
3615Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-18Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3616Gerald Mcharg2003-09-18Jed re- maps of Iceland
3617Muldain2003-09-18Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3618Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-19Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3619Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-19Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3620Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-19Re: (unknown)
3621Jarrod Clark2003-09-19Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3622lgp477@...2003-09-19Re: Gordon
3623Kevin McKechnie2003-09-19Re: Gordon
3624berglauga@...2003-09-19Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3625berglauga@...2003-09-19Re: (unknown)
3626lgp477@...2003-09-19Re: Gordon
3627Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-19Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3628Muldain2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3629Jon Nall2003-09-20help me trill my R's
3630Daniel Bray2003-09-20Re: Gordon
3631Erich Rickheit KSC2003-09-20Re: Gordon
3632Jarrod Clark2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3633Jarrod Clark2003-09-20Re: Gordon
3634Gerald Mcharg2003-09-20Jed - Hrafnkell, lines 19-46
3635Mark Hall2003-09-20Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3636Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3637Daniel Bray2003-09-20Re: Gordon
3638Daniel Bray2003-09-20Re: Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3639Jarrod Clark2003-09-20Re: Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3640lgp477@...2003-09-20Re: Gordon
3641sjuler2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ? - Is 'draumbr' Old Swedish!?
3642Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-20The native american tongues are not really dying ...
3643Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-20Re: help me trill my R's
3644Erich Rickheit KSC2003-09-20OT Re: Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3645Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ? - Is 'draumbr' Old Swedish!?
3646Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-20Re: pronouncing "r" ?
3647konrad_oddsson2003-09-21Re: <-eth> ending in English
3648Sarah Bowen2003-09-21Hrafnkell 19 - 46 / Sarah
3649daniel2003-09-21AW: OT Re: Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3650sjuler2003-09-21Sv: pronouncing "r" ? - Is 'draumbr' Old Swedish!?
3651Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-21Re: English and the compost pile
3652simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-22Hrafnkel 19-45 / Simon attached
3653Ian Hunter2003-09-22Re: OT Re: Elvish was Re: [norse_course] Gordon
3654konrad_oddsson2003-09-22Re: English and the wordheap
3655Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-22Re: English and the wordheap
3656konrad_oddsson2003-09-22Re: pronouncing "r" ? - Is 'draumbr' Old Swedish!? *draumR
3657Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-22Hrafnkel -- fonts
3658Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-22sample texts
3659Arlie Stephens2003-09-22Re: Hrafnkel -- fonts
3660Arlie Stephens2003-09-22Re: sample texts
3661Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-22Re: Hrafnkel -- fonts
3662simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-23Re: Hrafnkel -- fonts
3663simonfittonbrown@...2003-09-23Re: Hrafnkel -- fonts
3664sjuler2003-09-23Re: *draumR
3665Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-23Re: sample texts
3666konrad_oddsson2003-09-23gutniskir laikar, gutniska, dalska auk annur mál í swíþiauthu
3667Alfta2003-09-23Rasmus Rask
3668Sarah Bowen2003-09-23Re: sample texts
3669Fred & Grace Hatton2003-09-23Hrafenkell 2 Grace's bungled translation
3670sjuler2003-09-23Sv: gutniskir laikar - "Ollû mol sos irå..." - "Allu mál sum jar
3671konrad_oddsson2003-09-24Re: Sv: gutniskir laikar - "Ollû mol sos irå..." - "Allu mál sum
3672konrad_oddsson2003-09-24Re: *draumR umb aint mál
3673Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-24Re: Sv: gutniskir laikar - "Ollû mol sos irå..." - "Allu mál sum
3674Ingeborg S. Nordén2003-09-24"Teutonic English"
3675sjuler2003-09-25Sv: Re: Sv: "Ollû mol sos irå..." - "Allu mál sum jaru..."
3676Fred & Grace Hatton2003-09-25Hrafenkell 2
3677sjuler2003-09-25Old Swedish neuter plural ending '-n'
3678Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-25Re: Old Swedish neuter plural ending '-n'
3679konrad_oddsson2003-09-263 Olden Swedish W's and 1 Gutnish 'haizl' - what say ye?
3680konrad_oddsson2003-09-26Re: "Teutonic English"
3681Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-26Re: Hrafnkel -- map
3682Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-26Re: 3 Olden Swedish W's and 1 Gutnish 'haizl' - what say ye?
3683Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-27Hrafnkel 47-73
3684Sarah Bowen2003-09-28Re: Jed - Hrafnkell, lines 19-46
3685Sarah Bowen2003-09-28Re: Hrafnkel 19-46
3686Sarah Bowen2003-09-29Hrafnkell
3687Sarah Bowen2003-09-29Hrafnkell
3689konrad_oddsson2003-09-30Re: 3 Olden Swedish W's and 1 Gutnish 'haizl' - what say ye?
3690Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-30Hrafnkel 47-73 / Laurel
3691Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-30Re: Hrafnkel 47-73 / Laurel
3692Laurel Bradshaw2003-09-30Hrafnkel 19-46 / Laurel
3693Sarah Bowen2003-09-30Re: Hrafnkel 19-46
3694Sarah Bowen2003-09-30Hrafnkell
3695Sarah Bowen2003-09-30Re: Hrafnkel 19-45 / Simon attached
3696Lewis, Raymond J.2003-09-30writings from lessons 1 - 9
3697Sarah Bowen2003-09-30Re: Hrafenkell 2
3698Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-30Re: Jed - Hrafnkell, lines 19-46
3699Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-09-30Re: Hrafenkell 2
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