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50700fournet.arnaud2007-12-04Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50701fournet.arnaud2007-12-04Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50702Brian M. Scott2007-12-05Re[2]: Res: Re[2]: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Etimology of Hellene /
50703Francisco Antonio Doria2007-12-05Re: Res: Re[2]: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Etimology of Hellene / Ame
50704Francisco Antonio Doria2007-12-05Re: Re[2]: Res: Re[2]: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Etimology of Hellen
50705P&G2007-12-05Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50706Joao S. Lopes2007-12-05Res: Re[2]: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Etimology of Hellene / Amerigo
50707tgpedersen2007-12-05Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50708Rick McCallister2007-12-05Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50709Francisco Antonio Doria2007-12-05Re: Res: Re[2]: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Etimology of Hellene / Ame
50710tgpedersen2007-12-05-leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50711Rick McCallister2007-12-05Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50712fournet.arnaud2007-12-05Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50713Rick McCallister2007-12-05Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50714tgpedersen2007-12-05Re: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50715tgpedersen2007-12-05Re: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50716Brian M. Scott2007-12-06Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50717Rick McCallister2007-12-06Re: Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50718tgpedersen2007-12-06Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50719tgpedersen2007-12-06Re: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50720tgpedersen2007-12-06Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50721fournet.arnaud2007-12-06Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50722Rick McCallister2007-12-06Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50723Brian M. Scott2007-12-06Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50724fournet.arnaud2007-12-06Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50725Brian M. Scott2007-12-06Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50726Rick McCallister2007-12-06Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50727Brian M. Scott2007-12-06Re[2]: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50728Richard Wordingham2007-12-07Re: comohota
50729tgpedersen2007-12-07Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50730P&G2007-12-07Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM]Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50731tgpedersen2007-12-07Re: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50732tgpedersen2007-12-07Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50733fournet.arnaud2007-12-07Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50734fournet.arnaud2007-12-07Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50735fournet.arnaud2007-12-07Re: Re[2]:Re: [tied] comohota
50736fournet.arnaud2007-12-07Re: comohota
50737fournet.arnaud2007-12-07Re: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50738Brian M. Scott2007-12-07Re[5]: [tied] comohota
50739Brian M. Scott2007-12-07Re: comohota
50740Brian M. Scott2007-12-07Re[3]: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50741Brian M. Scott2007-12-07Re[4]: [tied] Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50742Brian M. Scott2007-12-07Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50743george knysh2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50744Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50745Patrick Ryan2007-12-08Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50746Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50747Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50748Rick McCallister2007-12-08Re: [SPAM][tied] comohota
50749Rick McCallister2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50750Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50751Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50752Rick McCallister2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50753tgpedersen2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50754Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50755tgpedersen2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50756tgpedersen2007-12-08[tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50757tgpedersen2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50758fournet.arnaud2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50759Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re[2]: [tied] -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50760fournet.arnaud2007-12-08Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50761Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50762Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50763fournet.arnaud2007-12-08Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nighingale)
50764Patrick Ryan2007-12-08Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50765tgpedersen2007-12-08Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50766tgpedersen2007-12-08[tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50767tgpedersen2007-12-08[tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50768Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50769meska_jd2007-12-08IE *p and *b
50770Brian M. Scott2007-12-08Re: [tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50771etherman232007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50772fournet.arnaud2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50773fournet.arnaud2007-12-09Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50774Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: Anser [Moderator's note]
50775Patrick Ryan2007-12-09Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50776Patrick Ryan2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50777etherman232007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50778Patrick Ryan2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50779mkelkar20032007-12-09Lamberg Karlovsky IIr 2005.pdf uploaded to the files section
50780stlatos2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50781meska_jd2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50782Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50783ualarauans2007-12-09Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50784Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50785meska_jd2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50786meska_jd2007-12-09[tied] Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50787fournet.arnaud2007-12-09Re: Anser (was: swallow vs. nightingale)
50788fournet.arnaud2007-12-09Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50789Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50790Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Technical recommendations [Moderator's note]
50791Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50792meska_jd2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50793tgpedersen2007-12-09Re: -leben/-lev/-löv and -ung-
50794Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50795Patrick Ryan2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50796meska_jd2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50797Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50798meska_jd2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
50799Piotr Gasiorowski2007-12-09Re: IE *p and *b
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