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22700Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22701Glen Gordon2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22702Richard Wordingham2003-06-05Re: How should Nostratic be viewed?
22703Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22704alex2003-06-05Re: [tied] Tiber
22705Richard Wordingham2003-06-05[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22706Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-05Re: [tied] IE vowels
22707Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22708Richard Wordingham2003-06-05[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22709Richard Wordingham2003-06-05[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22710Richard Wordingham2003-06-05Re: Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i]) - Correction!
22711Che2003-06-05Languages of the world map
22712Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-06-05[tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22713Richard Wordingham2003-06-05[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22714Glen Gordon2003-06-05Re: [tied] Tiber
22715Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-06-05Re: [tied] Nominative: A hybrid view
22716Glen Gordon2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22717alex2003-06-05Re: [tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22718Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22719alex2003-06-05Re: [tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22720Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-05Re: ANUS
22721Richard Wordingham2003-06-05Re: Languages of the world map
22722altamix2003-06-05Re: ANUS
22723m_iacomi2003-06-05a, nu...
22724m_iacomi2003-06-05[tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22725alex2003-06-05Re: [tied] Tiber
22726altamix2003-06-05Re: a, nu...
22727Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-05Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22728altamix2003-06-05[tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22729alex2003-06-05Re: [tied] a, nu...
22730Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-06-05Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22731Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22732Robert B Wilson2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22733Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-06Re: [tied] IE vowels
22734Richard Wordingham2003-06-06[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22735Richard Wordingham2003-06-06Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22736Richard Wordingham2003-06-06Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22737alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22738alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22739george knysh2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22740alex2003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22741Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22742m_iacomi2003-06-06Re: a, nu...
22743Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22744gs001ns@...2003-06-06Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22745m_iacomi2003-06-06[tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22746tolgs0012003-06-06Re: pomus
22747alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22748alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: a, nu...
22749alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: "vatër" vs "vatra"; "veter-" vs "batran"
22750m_iacomi2003-06-06[tied] Re: a, nu...
22751george knysh2003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22752alex2003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22753Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22754Robert B Wilson2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22755alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22756Pavel Adamek2003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22757Richard Wordingham2003-06-06[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22758Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22759wtsdv2003-06-06[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22760Glen Gordon2003-06-06Re: [tied] IE vowels
22761Glen Gordon2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22762wtsdv2003-06-06Re: [tied] IE vowels
22763alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22764Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22765alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22766Richard Wordingham2003-06-06[tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22767alex2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: a, nu...
22768alex2003-06-06Albanian "tr"-
22769P&G2003-06-06Re: [tied] IE vowels
22770P&G2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22771Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Abstractness (Was Re: [j] v. [i])
22772Glen Gordon2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22773fortuna111112003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22774fortuna111112003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22775fortuna111112003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22776Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22777Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: *gordjaninU
22778fortuna111112003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22779fortuna111112003-06-06[tied] Re: ANUS
22780alex2003-06-06Re: [tied]en versus an ( it was Re: ANUS)
22781alex2003-06-06Re: [tied]rym ( it was ANUS)
22782Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22783Abdullah Konushevci2003-06-06Re: ANUS
22784Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-06Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22785Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-06Re: [tied] Yers
22786Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-06Re: [tied] IE vowels
22787george knysh2003-06-07Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
22788Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-06-07[tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22789Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-07Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22790Glen Gordon2003-06-07Re: [tied] IE vowels
22791Glen Gordon2003-06-07Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22792Glen Gordon2003-06-07Re: [tied] Re: Nominative: A hybrid view
22793Glen Gordon2003-06-07Re: [tied] IE vowels
22794Geraldine Reinhardt2003-06-07Re: A New Look at Origins of Species
22795tgpedersen2003-06-07Re: Apology to Torsten
22796tgpedersen2003-06-07[tied] Re: ANUS
22797Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-07Re: [tied] IE vowels
22798tolgs0012003-06-07Re: "vatër" vs "batran"
22799Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-07Re: [tied] Re: ANUS
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