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20400Glen Gordon2003-03-27Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20401Glen Gordon2003-03-27Re: [tied] Bear with me
20402Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Occam's razor
20403Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20404Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-27Re: [tied] Bear with me
20405Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-27[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20406Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-27Re: Occam's razor
20407Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20408Sergejus Tarasovas2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20409Brian M. Scott2003-03-27Re[4]: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20410CeiSerith@...2003-03-27Re: [tied] Bear with me
20411Sergejus Tarasovas2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20412alex_lycos2003-03-27bg. nvEsta
20413alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20414alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20415Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Re: bg. nvEsta
20416alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20417alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20418alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20419Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27Re: bg. nvEsta
20420tolgs0012003-03-27Re: Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20421Sergejus Tarasovas2003-03-27[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20422alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20423tolgs0012003-03-27Re: to buy
20424P&G2003-03-27Re: [tied] Latin
20425Sergejus Tarasovas2003-03-27[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20426Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Re: bg. nvEsta
20427alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20428Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Hoof (was: to buy)
20429alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Nasal mp/np -correction
20430aquila_grande2003-03-27Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20431alex_lycos2003-03-27Re: [tied] Hoof (was: to buy)
20432Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20433Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20434Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-28Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20435Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20436João Simões Lopes Filho2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians? - Snorri - Trojan
20437george knysh2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20438Andrey2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20439Andrey2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20440alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20441alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20442Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-28[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20443tgpedersen2003-03-28Re: Germanic Scythians?
20444tgpedersen2003-03-28Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20445tgpedersen2003-03-28[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20446tgpedersen2003-03-28[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20447tolgs0012003-03-28Re: Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20448Glen Gordon2003-03-28Re: [tied] Occam's razor
20449Glen Gordon2003-03-28Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20450alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20454george knysh2003-03-28Re: [tied] Occam's razor
20455Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-28Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20456tgpedersen2003-03-28Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20457Glen Gordon2003-03-28Re: [tied] Occam's razor
20458tolgs0012003-03-28Re: Nasal mp/np
20459tgpedersen2003-03-28Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20460tolgs0012003-03-28Re: Cyril
20461Glen Gordon2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20462Glen Gordon2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Nasal mp/np
20463george knysh2003-03-28Re: [tied] Occam's razor
20464Daniel J. Milton2003-03-28Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20465tgpedersen2003-03-28Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20466alex_lycos2003-03-28semantic shift
20467alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Nasal mp/np
20468alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Cyril
20469alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20470Brian M. Scott2003-03-28Re[2]: [tied] Occam's razor
20471Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-28Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20472Daniel J. Milton2003-03-28[tied] Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20473Brian M. Scott2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20474Brian M. Scott2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20475alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20476tolgs0012003-03-28Re: Cyril
20477tolgs0012003-03-28Re: semantic shift
20478tolgs0012003-03-28Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20479Andrew Howey2003-03-28Re: [tied] Slavic
20480alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Slavic
20481alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: Cyril
20482Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-28[tied] Re: Hoof (was: to buy)
20483george knysh2003-03-28Re: Re[2]: [tied] Occam's razor
20484alex_lycos2003-03-28Re: [tied] Re: semantic shift
20485Brian M. Scott2003-03-28Re[4]: [tied] Occam's razor
20486Miguel Carrasquer2003-03-29Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20487Miguel Carrasquer2003-03-29Re: [tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20488Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-29Re: bg. nvEsta
20489alex_lycos2003-03-29slavic opinions?
20491tolgs0012003-03-29[tied] Re: semantic shift
20492alex_lycos2003-03-29Re: [tied] Re: semantic shift
20493Michael J Smith2003-03-29etmyology of Germani
20494alex_lycos2003-03-29Re: [tied] etmyology of Germani
20495tolgs0012003-03-29Re: semantic shift
20496tgpedersen2003-03-29Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20497tgpedersen2003-03-29Re: Japanese as a creole language?
20498Sergejus Tarasovas2003-03-29[tied] Re: bg. nvEsta
20499alex_lycos2003-03-29Re: [tied] Re: semantic shift
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