Re: [tied] Occam's razor

From: george knysh
Message: 20463
Date: 2003-03-28

--- Glen Gordon <glengordon01@...> wrote:
> George:
> >Sine neCeSSitate Glen. The site spells it wrong.
> Yes, I wasn't sure. I'm not very fluent in Latin. I
> just understand
> much of it thanks to French. It was more economical
> (or is it
> "oeconomical"?), at least mentally, to accept the
> spelling as it was :)
> >Also, for what it's worth, OCKHAM's (ca. 1288-1348)
> name is no longer
> >spelt OCCAM, not even by the French, except where
> the serious literature
> >used pre-dates WWII.
> Ironically, your assertion counters the facts and
> would appear to violate
> the principle of parsley. No wait, I mean the
> principle of parsimony, I'm
> getting tired, it's late. According to a Google
> search, "Occam's Razor"
> yields 29,700 links. In contrast, "Ockham's Razor"
> yields only 17,700.

*****GK: Yes, the bad coins may occasionally drive out
the good ones. But if you're looking for economy over
precision, then perhaps you might try popularizing
OKAM instead of OCCAM. The former spelling was also
used in mediaeval times.*****
> So this, combined with the ease of spelling "Occam"
> over the more awkward
> "Ockham", has produced a popularity of the former
> rather than the latter on
> the internet. Perhaps people are choosing the old
> spelling variant now.
> >Interestingly, the preferred mediaeval English
> spelling was HOKAM ( and
> >then the h was dropped).
> I don't see much connexion/connection any of this
> has to the topic/topick
> of Occam's/Ockham's/Hokam's
> Razor/Rasor/Rasoir/Racer. If mediaeval/medieval
> English were so confused on spellin(g), why should I
> be the one/won to
> keep it straight/strait?

******GK: Don't be touchy Glen. This has nothing to do
with you personally.******
> - gLeN
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