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20300Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-24Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20301alex_lycos2003-03-24Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20302Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-24Re: [tied] Glottalic thought-experiments
20303Daniel J. Milton2003-03-24Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20304x99lynx@...2003-03-25Re[4]: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20306george knysh2003-03-25Indo-Europeanization
20307Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20308etherman232003-03-25Re: [tied] *o:g
20309Michael J Smith2003-03-25Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20310Michael J Smith2003-03-25Thracian
20311tgpedersen2003-03-25Re: Germanic Scythians?
20312tgpedersen2003-03-25[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20313tgpedersen2003-03-25[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20314tgpedersen2003-03-25Re: [tied] Glottalic thought-experiments
20315altamix2003-03-25Re: Thracian
20316Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20317Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-25Re: Diana
20318Glen Gordon2003-03-25Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20319Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-25Re: Germanic Scythians?
20320Glen Gordon2003-03-25Re: [tied] PaleoEuropeans
20321Daniel J. Milton2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20323george knysh2003-03-25Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20325Brian M. Scott2003-03-25Re[5]: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20326george knysh2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20327John2003-03-25Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20328alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Diana
20329alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20330Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20331Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20332alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20333Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-25Re: [tied] slavic zidU
20334Che2003-03-25Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20336P&G2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20337P&G2003-03-25Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20338P&G2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20339Brian M. Scott2003-03-25Re[2]: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20340Daniel J. Milton2003-03-25Re: Jordanes
20341tolgs0012003-03-25Re: Diana
20342Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-25Re: Diana
20343alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Jordanes
20344alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Diana
20345alex_lycos2003-03-25Re: [tied] Re: Diana+correction
20346Harald Hammarstrom2003-03-25Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20347Harald Hammarstrom2003-03-25Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20348Harald Hammarstrom2003-03-25Re: [tied] Japanese as a creole language?
20349Daniel J. Milton2003-03-26Re: Jordanes
20350João Simões Lopes Filho2003-03-26Babylonian god Adad
20351João Simões Lopes Filho2003-03-26Moon, ProtoSemitic
20352João Simões Lopes Filho2003-03-26Re: [tied] Moon, ProtoSemitic
20353Michael J Smith2003-03-26Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
20354tolgs0012003-03-26To buy & the coin "para" [Re: Diana]
20355tolgs0012003-03-26Sad - angry [Re: Diana+correction]
20356tgpedersen2003-03-26Re: Germanic Scythians?
20357tgpedersen2003-03-26Re: Salmon
20358tgpedersen2003-03-26[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20359tgpedersen2003-03-26[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20360tgpedersen2003-03-26Re: slavic zidU
20361Daniel J. Milton2003-03-26To buy & the coin "para" [Re: Diana]
20362george knysh2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20363CeiSerith@...2003-03-26Bear with me
20364alex_lycos2003-03-26to buy
20365alex_lycos2003-03-26Re: [tied] Sad - angry [Re: Diana+correction]
20366Michael J Smith2003-03-26Latin
20367Michael J Smith2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20368Michael J Smith2003-03-26Scythia
20369Michael J Smith2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20370tolgs0012003-03-26Re: to buy
20371Daniel J. Milton2003-03-26Re: to buy
20372george knysh2003-03-26Re: [tied] Latin
20373ehlsmith2003-03-26[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20374alex_lycos2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20375alex_lycos2003-03-26slavic "za"
20376Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20377alex_lycos2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20378Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20379Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-26Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20380alex_lycos2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: to buy
20381Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-26Re: to buy
20382george knysh2003-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20383John2003-03-27Re: Salmon
20384João Simões Lopes Filho2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians? - Snorri - Trojan
20385Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20386Daniel J. Milton2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20387tolgs0012003-03-27Nasal mp/np [Re: to buy]
20388tolgs0012003-03-27Re: to buy
20389P&G2003-03-27Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20390tgpedersen2003-03-27Re: Germanic Scythians? - Snorri - Trojan
20391tgpedersen2003-03-27[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20392Piotr Gasiorowski2003-03-27Re: [tied] Re: to buy-revised
20393tgpedersen2003-03-27Re: [tied] slavic "za"
20394tgpedersen2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20395tgpedersen2003-03-27[tied] Re: Germanic Scythians?
20396Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20397Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27[tied] Re: to buy-revised
20398Abdullah Konushevci2003-03-27Re: to buy-revised
20399Glen Gordon2003-03-27Re: [tied] GLEN AND ANATOLIA IN 7500BC
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