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14900altamix2002-09-01Re: o simpla poveste despre Munteni sorry wrong group
14901mbikqyres2002-09-01Re: Bo!
14902Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14903alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] Re: Bo!
14904alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14905Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14906Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-01Re: [tied] stop->fricative change
14907Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14908george knysh2002-09-01Re: [tied] Colchis
14909João Simões Lopes Filho2002-09-01Re: [tied] stop->fricative change
14910João Simões Lopes Filho2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14911João Simões Lopes Filho2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14912mbikqyres2002-09-01Re: [tied] barba, farfeche, bãiat
14913Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-01Re: [tied] barba, farfeche, bãiat
14914Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14915Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-01Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14916Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14917alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14918mbikqyres2002-09-01Re: [tied] barba, farfeche, bãiat
14919Ash2002-09-01Re: De Vulgari Regularitate (earlier: substratums)
14920danjmi2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14921alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14922Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14923guto rhys2002-09-01Re: [tied] PK
14924alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] Ovid
14925Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-01Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14926alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14927Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-01Re: [tied] barba, farfeche, bãiat
14928apiquinamir2002-09-01Re: stop/fricative
14929alexmoeller@...2002-09-01Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14930Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: stop/fricative
14931CeiSerith@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: De Vulgari Regularitate (earlier: substratums)
14932Glen Gordon2002-09-02Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14933Glen Gordon2002-09-02Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14934Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14935Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14936Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14937Glen Gordon2002-09-02Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14938Glen Gordon2002-09-02Schleicher's Tale and the particle *r
14939tgpedersen2002-09-02Re: Bo!
14940tgpedersen2002-09-02Re: "The hunt for Odin"
14941Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Schleicher's Tale and the particle *r
14942Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14943richardwordingham2002-09-02Re: PK
14944tgpedersen2002-09-02Re: PK
14945tgpedersen2002-09-02Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14947richardwordingham2002-09-02Re: stop/fricative
14948Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] Centaur
14949Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] Centaur
14950Alexander Stolbov2002-09-02Re: [tied] Centaur
14951tgpedersen2002-09-02Re: Centaur
14952Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: PK
14953Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: PK
14954Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14955Antonio Sciarretta2002-09-02Re: [tied] Picene
14956Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14957alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14958richardwordingham2002-09-02Re: PK
14959alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14960João Simões Lopes Filho2002-09-02Re: [tied] Centaur
14961george knysh2002-09-02Indo-European homeland(s)
14962João Simões Lopes Filho2002-09-02Re: [tied] Centaur
14963alexmoeller@...2002-09-02a help for Piotr
14964Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14965Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14966richardwordingham2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14967alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14968alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14969richardwordingham2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14970alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14971mbikqyres2002-09-02Re: Bo!
14972alexmoeller@...2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: Bo!
14973Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14974Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14975Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] just verifying a point
14976Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] Re: PK
14977Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-02Re: [tied] a help for Piotr
14978Paul Alesu2002-09-03Question about rules
14979Paul Alesu2002-09-03Terra
14980Glen Gordon2002-09-03Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14981Glen Gordon2002-09-03Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14982Glen Gordon2002-09-03Re: [tied] Schleicher's Tale and the particle *r
14983jpisc98357@...2002-09-03Re: [tied] Terra
14984Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-03Re: [tied] a help for Piotr
14985richardwordingham2002-09-03Re: Question about rules
14986Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-03Re: [tied] Terra
14987Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-03Re: [tied] Morphology (10/20)
14988Piotr Gasiorowski2002-09-03Re: [tied] Re: Question about rules
14989Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-03Re: [tied] Seeking Information Please
14990richardwordingham2002-09-03[tied] Re: Question about rules
14991Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-03[tied] Morphology (11/20)
14992Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-03[tied] Morphology (12/20)
14993richardwordingham2002-09-03[tied] Re: PK
14994Miguel Carrasquer2002-09-03[tied] Morphology (13/20)
14995George S t a n a2002-09-03Re: just verifying a point
14996George S t a n a2002-09-03Re: a help for Piotr
14997George S t a n a2002-09-03Re: just verifying a point
14998George S t a n a2002-09-03Re: just verifying a point
14999George S t a n a2002-09-03Re: just verifying a point
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