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Date: 2002-09-01

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> folk < PGmc. fulka- , probably from the root *plh1- (as in
'full') plus an extension (*plh1gom), or a compound like
*plh1-h2g^om. No connection with the Volcae is possible.
Slavic *pUlkU and Lith. pulkas are loans from Germanic (with
/p/ substituted for *f in languages that lacked phonemic /f/).
As you can see, they are quite different from the Vlakh word.
> Piotr

hmm so far I know, the slavic *plUkU became in romanian " a
hand full of", "some people" but , interesting without
methathesis like in Lithuanian . The rum. word for is "pâlc"
Anyway, is not so important now this "volcae". It remains
strange that the greeks mentioned them very late .The
"sepparation " between romaioi and romanized population was
already in VI centuries. And first after 4 centuries appears
this ominous therm , blacki. I have to verify a source more. I
found several entries for carpians who are mentioned as
"harpi" or "arpi".So the "c" was somehow eludated or changed
in "h". If for "Arpii" instead of "Carpii" are in fact almost
everywhere to read about, the form "Harpi" is just only one
entry which I could find. And I must do some research
first..Or in this case it is possible to have some surprise
with my funny "clochis" If there is something to find, I will
tell you:-)