Re: just verifying a point

From: George S t a n a
Message: 14999
Date: 2002-09-03

>[Moeller]But just as long as this language is the literar language. If
>you get the texts full of substratum and slavisms, you are
>lost with the romanic studies.

But why don't you mention at the same time that you
can generate myriads of sentences (real, natural ones,
as compared with your recent 2 examples) -- only by making
use of Romanian vocabulary of *inherited* Latin words (i.e.,
by avoiding loanwords/neologisms)? Or showing that
you can reduce substratisms as well as Slavic, Hungarian & al.
loanies to small percentages.

>I know that many romaninas who are very proud of their latin
>origins will kill me when they hear it, but , that is life :-)))

It has nothing to do with pride, it has to do with facts, evidence.
(Whereas those assertions made by that gentleman and other
people... walk on stilts as thin and fragile as those in Dali's
paintings showing the temptation of St. Anthony. :-)