Re: Bo!

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14939
Date: 2002-09-02

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> Hello !
> This word might also be found in Albanian "bujar", a nobleman.
> is a relation to the landowner.
> Also "buj" in Albanian means to be somebody´s guest or live
> temporarily somewhere, not unlike Swedish "bo", to live. I don´t
> how these words are related to each-other.
> Alvin
I heard once in Oklahoma someone who spoke very Southern address his
son with 'kmir, bo:' (come here, boy). I've heard Southern dialects
preserve some features of English dialects, or is this I-less form a
side-form? Also notice the social connotations of that word. Other
example: English boor, cognate with German 'Bauer', and I just saw in
a Jutish dictionary 'boere' used condescendingly of the inhabitants
of Thyholm.
Perhaps a development guest > temporary settler > permanent settler?