Re: Bo!

From: mbikqyres
Message: 14971
Date: 2002-09-02

I forgot to mention that the equivalent word for German "Bauer" and
Swedish "bonde" is "bujk" (a farmer) in Albanian.

Also, Geg form of the verb 'to inhabit' is "me banue", "banoj"
Tosk. "banë" is a kind of hut built by shepherds.

"burrë" is a man, husband.

I will put all these words in a list:

buj - to be somebody´s guest or live temporarily somewhere

bujk - farmer

bujar - nobleman

me banue - dwell, inhabit

banë - a hut built by shepherds

burrë - a man, husband


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> > Hello !
> > This word might also be found in Albanian "bujar", a nobleman.
> There
> > is a relation to the landowner.
> >
> > Also "buj" in Albanian means to be somebody´s guest or live
> > temporarily somewhere, not unlike Swedish "bo", to live. I don´t
> know
> > how these words are related to each-other.
> >
> > Alvin
> >
> >
> I heard once in Oklahoma someone who spoke very Southern address
> son with 'kmir, bo:' (come here, boy). I've heard Southern dialects
> preserve some features of English dialects, or is this I-less form
> side-form? Also notice the social connotations of that word. Other
> example: English boor, cognate with German 'Bauer', and I just saw
> a Jutish dictionary 'boere' used condescendingly of the inhabitants
> of Thyholm.
> Perhaps a development guest > temporary settler > permanent settler?
> Torsten