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I forgot to mention that the equivalent word for German
"Bauer" and
Swedish "bonde" is "bujk" (a farmer) in Albanian.

Also, Geg form of the verb 'to inhabit' is "me banue", "banoj"
Tosk. "banë" is a kind of hut built by shepherds.

"burrë" is a man, husband.

I will like to point here that in romanian is a word called
"mire" = fiance= germ. Bräutigam. The romanians lingvists
supposed this word is a loanword from albanian "mire:" which
means "good"

<bujk - farmer
here I will point that in romanian is chiabur = rich peassant
which is supposed to come from turkish kibar
<bujar - nobleman
<banë - a hut built by shepherds
hmm cabanã= But cabana is supposed to be a french word, a
recent loan into romanian ( fr. cabane)
<burrë - a man, husband
see "mire" here. the husband . But this doesnt mean the mire
is used in romanian as husband. This is the name _just for one
day_ the day when they are celebrating the marriage