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'In cazul nostru nu avem decat sa promovam o istorie absolut
din comun cu care multi, foarte multi s'ar mandri.'

I suspect it is full of recent loans from Latin.


[Moeller]you are not wrong Richard. The technical and modern
way to speak is qvasi similar in all languages. The latin
languages was "reborn" with the neologism and with the work of
the monks from the Midle Age
In fact latin survive in every language because it was the
language of the writting, a language of the "weise" people.
They used it even if they were not sure how the pronauciation
exactly was.
The rumanian language is for sure in a "elevated" way easy to
understand for someone who knows latin or a romanic language.
But just as long as this language is the literar language. If
you get the texts full of substratum and slavisms, you are
lost with the romanic studies.
This is why in fact romanian is such a "rara avis" in the
group of romanic language. Gustav Weigand said ( I hope I do
not mistake):
" Der Beweis daß das rumaenische Sprache eine romanische
Sprache ist, ist noch nicht erbracht.."
trying to translate it onto english it will look like:
" the proof that the romanian is a romanic language is still
not there."
I know that many romaninas who are very proud of their latin
origins will kill me when they hear it, but , that is