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Not at all. The Slavs first heard of the Roman Empire from Germanic (perhaps Ostrogothic) intermediaries; at that time the Germanic term <walh-> was commonly applied to the Romans, the inhabitants of the Empire, as well as any speakers of "lingua romana" (hence Ger. Welschland 'Italy', Wallgau in Tirol, etc., and hence also /vlox-/ 'Italian' in Polish). When the Slavs crossed the Danube and entered the former Roman provinces, they called the local Romanised population the *volx- (meaning 'Romans', a term that had been in use before with more general reference). After the South Slavic metathesis of liquids *volx- became /vlax-/ -- the form that Byzantine writers borrowed as <blakH-> when they renewed their acquaintance with Romanised Balkan peoples, this time through a Slavic medium.
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that all will assume that when the slavs got in the north side of danube they found there in V centuries an romanic population. And this is historicaliy wrong.