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From: george knysh
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Date: 2002-09-01

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> > > Strabon Geographia lib. I 2.39
> > > Plinius H. N. lib. XXXIII, 15
> >
> > *****GK: I would advise you to check these
> references
> > carefully. Pliny, for instance, makes no such
> claim in
> > the context you cite. We have Strabo and Diodorus
> here
> > so I can verify this at the next opportunity. But
> > really you should do this yourself, given the
> > incorrect claim re Pliny.*****
> [Moeller] I have no ideea what you was looking for.

HERE IS "what you (me) was looking for":

To cite you again:
--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
the country
> called
> "Colchis" appers to be sittuated at the downside of
> the Ister.
> I will give some references here:
> Apollodori, /etc/cut for economy GK/
> Even Strabon, Plinius make the same mention,
> lalizing Colchis
> in that region and not in the today Caucasus.
> Strabon Geographia lib. I 2.39
> Plinius H. N. lib. XXXIII, 15

Now to any normal reader of English you are making a
claim here that Pliny, in the context cited by you, is
offering evidence to back up your notion that
"Colchis" is located in the area of the Carpathians
rather than in that of the Caucasus. A normal reaction
is to verify your claim. This is done. You are advised
that there is no such statement in Pliny. To which you
respond as above...
My dear Alex, this will terminate our verbal
interplays. I do not wish to be rude and suggest that
there is something wrong with your thought processes.
But you have been on cybalist for quite a while now,
and should make an elementary effort to improve your
capacity to express yourself and to be properly
understood in the language of your choice. Until you
do that I will take no further notice of your

> Plinius
> tells there about the king of colchis "Aethis" and
> describe
> the richness of his palast.

*****GK Exactly! So why did you advance this passage
as "proof" of your "theory" about a Carpathian

Are you looking for the
> geografical coordinate of them? If so, you have to
> look at
> Plinius ( you have it) in VI 11.1 There you will
> find the
> colchi situed between Ripheis and Ceraunii Montains.
> The same
> location is to find by Mela (I. 19)

******GK Exactly! And this locates Colchis where it
really is, in the Caucasus area, not near the


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