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Date: 2002-09-01

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> > Strabon Geographia lib. I 2.39
> > Plinius H. N. lib. XXXIII, 15
> *****GK: I would advise you to check these references
> carefully. Pliny, for instance, makes no such claim in
> the context you cite. We have Strabo and Diodorus here
> so I can verify this at the next opportunity. But
> really you should do this yourself, given the
> incorrect claim re Pliny.*****

[Moeller] I have no ideea what you was looking for. Plinius
tells there about the king of colchis "Aethis" and describe
the richness of his palast. Are you looking for the
geografical coordinate of them? If so, you have to look at
Plinius ( you have it) in VI 11.1 There you will find the
colchi situed between Ripheis and Ceraunii Montains. The same
location is to find by Mela (I. 19)