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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-01

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> ... we have atested the greek form of "Kolxi" and there is a possiblity :
a)"It´s an odd sugestion, but ... how about something like
    Xw could > Kh in Greek or > V
"Could?" Why then did the Greeks called it Kolkhis (<kolkHid->), not "Volchis/Bolchis"? The suggestion is odd indeed.

> b) we have attested this name "Kolxi" and not a supposed "must
be" *wolxU
*wolxU is not "a supposed must-be" but a perfectly legitimate Slavic reconstruction, just like *gordU (> hrad, grad, gorod, gród). And whereas *wolxU explains all the Slavic reflexes (vlax-, volox-, vlox-), "kolxi" explains nothing (even if there should have been a Colchis in the Danube Delta), since there's no way in which "Vlakh" could be derived from it, in Slavic, Greek, Dacian or whatever.