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otgoing point : volxU

Whether the Slavs borrowed it early from East Germanic or
later from West Germanic, the predicted common Slavic
adaptation of strong masculine <walh-> is *wolxU,


that all will assume that when the slavs got in the north side
of danube they found there in V centuries an romanic
population. And this is historicaliy wrong.
I saved your message and I keep it here . Your sarcasm here is
not necessary ((why not ancient Indic Meluhha? If you turn the
M upside down, you'll get Weluhha) as we have atested the
greek form of "Kolxi" and there is a possiblity :
a)"It´s an odd sugestion, but ... how about something like
Xw could > Kh in Greek or > V
b) we have attested this name "Kolxi" and not a supposed "must
be" *wolxU
c) the colchis are localisated with the capital at the
confluence of Siret with Buzau, actualy where rumanians are.

Beside of all this I have to have clear something here, on
cybalist Do I have to ask something just when I know for sure
about something? Must I first search everywhere and after I
did it exhaustive, then to comme here on cybalist , as to the
last point ,where I have to tell the people "my true"?Or is
this list supposed to ask if some hypothesis could have a
basis or not?


a. moeller