Re: [tied] just verifying a point

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14967
Date: 2002-09-02

> Amongst those that you report as Vinereanu's sound changes,
*g^ > z and *g^H > z are characteristic Satem developments.
You don't say (or maybe Vinereany doesn't say) what happened
to *k^, but one would expect something more-or-less parallel
to *g^ > z, most likely *k^ > s or *k^ > ts. (the symbol <^>,
which we use on Cybalist, is equivalent to your <'>).

PIE *g^ became "z" WHEN fallowed by "e" and "i".how it was to

Under tzhe influence of "e" we have:

PIE *g^ehb >proto-traco-daca>geb-ala>thraco-dacian
>*jiabala>rom. zãbala
zãbala please see the lithuanian "zabas". This is the german
trense or english snaffle, bridoon

PIE *k^ africatised when fallowed again, by these "e" and "i"
. I gues these "e" and "i" are called frontal vowels and the
"a, o, u" aer called dorsal vowels. Please corect me if I am
PIE *k^>tz(sh)
PIE k^ip(h) proto-trado-daca>k^iparios, >old romanian
tzipariu> rom. tzipar
PIE *k^er >traco-daca>Cer>rom.shir ( where C= c with cedila on
the top)
shir=Reihe in german= rank( I am not sure if in english I
found the representativest word for german Reihe)