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Date: 2002-09-02

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> I have not studied Romanian, but I did study Latin to 'O'
level. 'O'
> level was then the public examination intended to be taken
by the
> cleverest 40% at the age of 16 years. That was enough for
me to
> profitably use a Romanian Mathematical text book. I am not
> isolated example. I rather suspect Piotr's Romanian is a
lot better
> than mine. I know his Latin is!

[Moeller] all my respect for your study. And because you
learned romanistic you will be able maybe to translate it from

"Mâtsa zãpãcitã de aburul zorilor ce se aburcã pe tzurloaiele
gardului,se rezeamã de buza scorburii bradului, miaunã încet
si zgâriind un pic scoartza picata de pe prisacã, s-ar baga si
in borta shobolanului pentru un pic de brânza"

O please try this:

"Petecul de panza de la gâtul copilei ce aburca zgribulita
pe poteca ce se rostogolea printre stânci."

If indeed you have apetit for this , I have a lot here. The
romanian substrate has thousands of words like this ( I do not


a moeller