Re: just verifying a point

From: George S t a n a
Message: 14995
Date: 2002-09-03

Alex Möller wrote:

>PIE *g^ehb >proto-traco-daca>geb-ala>thraco-dacian
> >*jiabala>rom. zãbala; zãbala please see the lithuanian
>"zabas". This is the german trense or english snaffle, bridoon

In Hungarian "zabola" /zObolO/.

>PIE k^ip(h) proto-trado-daca>k^iparios, >old romanian
>tzipariu> rom. tzipar; tzipar=aal

i.e. eel. There is a synonym in Romanian: "chiscar" /kiSk@.../. A possible
Russian loanword < Russ. /piSkar/.

>PIE *k^er >traco-daca>Cer>rom.shir ( where C= c with cedila on
>the top) shir=Reihe in german= rank( I am not sure if in english