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67100Brian M. Scott2011-01-16Re: Tudrus
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67102Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67103Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67104Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus, correction
67105t0lgsoo12011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67106Torsten2011-01-17Invasion, effects
67107Joao S. Lopes2011-01-17Gorgyra and Tartaros - g/t dialectal Pre-Greek
67108Joao S. Lopes2011-01-17Sumer toponym = PIE?
67109Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67110Brian M. Scott2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67111Rick McCallister2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67112Rick McCallister2011-01-17Re: Sumer toponym = PIE?
67113Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67114t0lgsoo12011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67115Brian M. Scott2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67116Torsten2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67117Brian M. Scott2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67118Brian M. Scott2011-01-17Re: Tudrus
67119Torsten2011-01-18Re: Tudrus
67120t0lgsoo12011-01-18Re: Tudrus
67121Brian M. Scott2011-01-18Re: Tudrus
67122Torsten2011-01-18Re: Tudrus
67123Torsten2011-01-19Re: Tudrus
67124t0lgsoo12011-01-19Re: Tudrus
67125Torsten2011-01-20Re: Tudrus
67126t0lgsoo12011-01-20Re: Tudrus EOD
67127G&P2011-01-21Re: Tudrus
67128Torsten2011-01-21Re: Tudrus EOD
67129Torsten2011-01-21Re: Tudrus
67130t0lgsoo12011-01-21Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67131Torsten2011-01-22Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67132t0lgsoo12011-01-22Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67133Rick McCallister2011-01-22Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67134Torsten2011-01-22Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67135Rick McCallister2011-01-22Uralo-Siberian?
67136The Egyptian Chronicles2011-01-23Eðele ((Aethel) : The Germanic Concept Of The Noble According to E
67137Torsten2011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67138Torsten2011-01-23Re: Eðele ((Aethel) : The Germanic Concept Of The Noble Accordin
67139t0lgsoo12011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67140The Egyptian Chronicles2011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility -) & O. Irish: slicht
67141Brian M. Scott2011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility -) & O. Irish: slicht
67142t0lgsoo12011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility -) & O. Irish: slicht
67143Torsten2011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67144t0lgsoo12011-01-23Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67145Joao S. Lopes2011-01-24Achaeans: historical or mythical?
67146Joao S. Lopes2011-01-24Pre-Greek or Para-Greek
67147Torsten2011-01-24Riddle: who spoke first Greek, and then a German dialect?
67148Torsten2011-01-24Re: Geschlecht (clan, lineage, nobility)
67149Torsten2011-01-25Re: Riddle: who spoke first Greek, and then a German dialect?
67150Joao S. Lopes2011-01-28Norse messenger goddess Gná : etymology?
67151Trond Engen2011-01-30Re: Norse messenger goddess Gná : etymology?
67152Joao S. Lopes2011-01-30Res: [tied] Norse messenger goddess Gná : etymology?
67153cybalist@yahoogroups.com2011-02-01File - Rules.txt
67154Joao S. Lopes2011-02-04Brauron and Bear?
67156Torsten2011-02-07Re: Nordwestblock, Germani, and Grimm's law
67157Torsten2011-02-08Re: Satarchae, Sadagarii, Sagartioi, Sargetae, Asagarta; ÁsgarÃ
67158Torsten2011-02-09Re: Riddle: who spoke first Greek, and then a German dialect?
67159Aydan2011-02-10Hermes, Beekes, and DGK
67160Torsten2011-02-11Re: Tudrus
67161Torsten2011-02-11Re: Tudrus
67162t0lgsoo12011-02-11Re: Tudrus
67163Torsten2011-02-12Re: Tudrus
67164Rick McCallister2011-02-12Re: Tudrus
67165Torsten2011-02-12Re: Tudrus
67166Rick McCallister2011-02-12Re: Tudrus
67167Francesco Brighenti2011-02-13Re: Hermes, Beekes, and DGK
67168Joao S. Lopes2011-02-13Res: [tied] Re: Hermes, Beekes, and DGK
67169Torsten2011-02-14Re: Tudrus
67170Aydan2011-02-18Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67171Joao S. Lopes2011-02-18Res: [tied] Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67172Rick McCallister2011-02-18Re: Res: [tied] Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67173dgkilday572011-02-18Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67174shivkhokra2011-02-18Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67175Richard Wordingham2011-02-18Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67176Rick McCallister2011-02-18Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67177shivkhokra2011-02-19Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67178Francesco Brighenti2011-02-19Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67179Rick McCallister2011-02-19Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67180Rick McCallister2011-02-19Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67181Richard Wordingham2011-02-20Re: 'dyeus' chronology
67182Aydan2011-02-20Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67183Aydan2011-02-20Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67184Torsten2011-02-21Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67186Rick McCallister2011-02-21Re: Judge
67187Torsten2011-02-21Re: Judge
67188Joao S. Lopes2011-02-22Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67189Etherman232011-02-23Re: Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67190Aydan2011-02-23Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67191Edgard Bikelis2011-02-23Re: Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67192Rick McCallister2011-02-23Re: Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67193Torsten2011-02-24Re: Hermes, Beekes, & citing members
67194Torsten2011-02-24Re: Kabardian antipassives
67195G&P2011-02-24Re: Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67196Joao S. Lopes2011-02-24Res: [tied] Grassmann's law : why PHAETHON?
67197dgkilday572011-02-25Re: Kabardian antipassives
67198Torsten2011-02-26Re: Kabardian antipassives
67199vishalsagarwal2011-02-26Is Yoga a Hindu tradition
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