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66600Torsten2010-09-14Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66601Torsten2010-09-14Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66602t0lgsoo12010-09-14Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66603t0lgsoo12010-09-14Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66604gprosti2010-09-15Re: Laryngeals: arguments from typology?
66605Torsten2010-09-15Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66606Torsten2010-09-15Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66607t0lgsoo12010-09-15Re: From Przeworsk into the Yiddishkeit?
66608t0lgsoo12010-09-15Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66609Torsten2010-09-16Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66610Torsten2010-09-16Re: From Przeworsk into the Yiddishkeit?
66611t0lgsoo12010-09-16Re: From Przeworsk into the plonkomat
66612Torsten2010-09-16Re: From Przeworsk into the Yiddishkeit?
66613dgkilday572010-09-17Re: 'dyeus'
66614Joao S. Lopes2010-09-17Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66615Rick McCallister2010-09-18Re: 'dyeus'
66616Rick McCallister2010-09-18Re: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66617Torsten2010-09-18Re: 'dyeus'
66618Joao S. Lopes2010-09-19Poseidon = Ennosikhthon ?
66620Torsten2010-09-19Re: *daŋ-, *sweŋ-, *graŋ-
66621Richard Wordingham2010-09-19Posting UTF-8 (was: *daŋ-, *sweŋ-, *graŋ-
66622patrick2010-09-19fungus = mushroom
66623Rick McCallister2010-09-20Re: fungus = mushroom
66624Joao S. Lopes2010-09-20Res: [tied] fungus = mushroom
66625Rick McCallister2010-09-20Re: Res: [tied] fungus = mushroom
66626patrick cuadrado2010-09-20Re: Res: [tied] fungus = mushroom
66627yiannis lanbrinakos2010-09-20Sponge
66628megalith62010-09-21Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66629megalith62010-09-21Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66630megalith62010-09-21Re: 'dyeus'
66631Torsten2010-09-21Re: New way of getting Goth-
66632Joao S. Lopes2010-09-21Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66633megalith62010-09-21Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66634Joao S. Lopes2010-09-21Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66635stlatos2010-09-23Vanr (was: Re: [tied] Áss etc.)
66636stlatos2010-09-23Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66637Torsten2010-09-23Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66638Joao S. Lopes2010-09-23Res: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66639stlatos2010-09-23Res: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66640stlatos2010-09-23Re: Saving Hengist and Horsa
66641johnvertical@...2010-09-23Vanr (was: Re: [tied] Áss etc.)
66642stlatos2010-09-23Vanr (was: Re: [tied] Áss etc.)
66643johnvertical@...2010-09-23Vanr (was: Re: [tied] Áss etc.)
66644patrick2010-09-24IE cal- = harbourg ?
66645stlatos2010-09-24Gmc * -o:N (was: Foxtail)
66646stlatos2010-09-24Res: [tied] Re: sea, seal
66647Rick McCallister2010-09-24Re: IE cal- = harbourg ?
66648shivkhokra2010-09-24Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66649Brian M. Scott2010-09-24Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66650Torsten2010-09-25Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66651Brian M. Scott2010-09-25Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66652t0lgsoo12010-09-25Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66653Torsten2010-09-26Re: 'dyeus'
66654Torsten2010-09-26Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66655Torsten2010-09-27Re: 'dyeus'
66656Brian M. Scott2010-09-27Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66657Torsten2010-09-27Re: Spartacus, Hoby, etc etc
66658dgkilday572010-09-27Re: 'dyeus'
66659Torsten2010-09-27Re: 'dyeus'
66661Torsten2010-09-28Re: 'dyeus'
66662Torsten2010-09-28Re: 'dyeus'
66663Joao S. Lopes2010-09-29Spleen - what's the PIE word?
66664megalith62010-09-30Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66665megalith62010-09-30Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66666Rick McCallister2010-09-30Re: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66667Torsten2010-09-30Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66668Brian M. Scott2010-09-30Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66669Torsten2010-10-01Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66670cybalist@yahoogroups.com2010-10-01File - Rules.txt
66671megalith62010-10-01Res: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66672megalith62010-10-01Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66673Richard Wordingham2010-10-01Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66674dgkilday572010-10-01Re: 'dyeus'
66675dgkilday572010-10-01Re: 'dyeus'
66676dgkilday572010-10-01Re: 'dyeus'
66677Rick McCallister2010-10-01Re: 'dyeus'
66678Brian M. Scott2010-10-02Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66679Rick McCallister2010-10-02Re: Res: Res: Res: Res: [tied] Re: 'dyeus'
66680danjmi2010-10-02Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66682Torsten2010-10-03Re: Torsten's theory reviewed
66683Torsten2010-10-03Re: 'dyeus'
66684Torsten2010-10-03Re: 'dyeus'
66685Torsten2010-10-03Re: IE cal- = harbourg ?
66686shivkhokra2010-10-04Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66687Rick McCallister2010-10-04Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66688Richard Wordingham2010-10-04Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66689Rick McCallister2010-10-04Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66690Torsten2010-10-05Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66691dgkilday572010-10-05Re: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66692shivkhokra2010-10-05Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66693shivkhokra2010-10-05Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66694Richard Wordingham2010-10-05Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66695Rick McCallister2010-10-06Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66696Rick McCallister2010-10-06Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66697Francesco Brighenti2010-10-06New Indo-European etymological databases online (Brill website)
66698Francesco Brighenti2010-10-06On the Sanskrit theonym "Nasatya"
66699Joao S. Lopes2010-10-07Herakles, Rudra and the centaurs: PIE source?
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