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65500Trond Engen2009-12-04Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65501Torsten2009-12-04Re: Early Nomads, Cultural trends of nomadic groups in the Bronze Ag
65502Tavi2009-12-04Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65503Torsten2009-12-04Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65504Rick McCallister2009-12-04Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65505Tavi2009-12-04Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the PIE w
65506Torsten2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65507johnvertical@...2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65508johnvertical@...2009-12-05Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65509dgkilday572009-12-05Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65510Tavi2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65511Tavi2009-12-05Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65512Brian M. Scott2009-12-05Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65513Torsten2009-12-05Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65514Richard Wordingham2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65515Francesco Brighenti2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65516Tavi2009-12-05Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65517Tavi2009-12-05Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65518Rick McCallister2009-12-06Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65519Brian M. Scott2009-12-06Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65520Tavi2009-12-06Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65521Torsten2009-12-06Re: Rozwadowski's Change
65522Rick McCallister2009-12-06Re: Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the P
65523Torsten2009-12-06Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65524Rick McCallister2009-12-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65525Torsten2009-12-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65526Richard Wordingham2009-12-07Divergent Develpment of *tl (was: [tied] leudh- > Germanic > OE leo
65527Torsten2009-12-08Re: Loose
65528Torsten2009-12-08Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65529Rick McCallister2009-12-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65530Torsten2009-12-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65531Torsten2009-12-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
65532Torsten2009-12-10Re: hunt
65534dgkilday572009-12-17Re: Morimarusa
65535Brian M. Scott2009-12-17Re: Morimarusa
65536Torsten2009-12-17Re: Morimarusa
65537Torsten2009-12-17Eight legs
65538Torsten2009-12-17Re: Morimarusa
65539Torsten2009-12-17Re: Morimarusa
65540patrick cuadrado2009-12-17Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65541dgkilday572009-12-18Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65542patrick cuadrado2009-12-19Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65543patrick cuadrado2009-12-19Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65544Torsten2009-12-20Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65545segijus2009-12-21Re: Morimarusa
65546segijus2009-12-21Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65547Rick McCallister2009-12-21Re: Morimarusa
65548herhetzl2009-12-23Merry Christmas!
65549Torsten2009-12-23Re: Merry Christmas!
65550Torsten2009-12-23Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65551Rick McCallister2009-12-23Re: Merry Christmas!
65552segijus2009-12-23Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65553segijus2009-12-24Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65554segijus2009-12-26Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65555dgkilday572009-12-26Re: Morimarusa
65556patrick cuadrado2009-12-27Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65557Brian M. Scott2009-12-27Re: Morimarusa
65558Torsten2009-12-27Re: Morimarusa
65559Torsten2009-12-27Re: Morimarusa
65560Torsten2009-12-27Re: Morimarusa
65561Brian M. Scott2009-12-27Re: Morimarusa
65562Torsten2009-12-28Re: Morimarusa
65563dgkilday572009-12-29Re: Morimarusa
65564Torsten2009-12-29Re: Morimarusa
65565dgkilday572009-12-30Re : [tied] Re: Morimarusa
65566dgkilday572009-12-31Re: Morimarusa
65567Torsten2009-12-31Re: Morimarusa
65568Piotr Gasiorowski2009-12-31Happy New Year!
65569Rick McCallister2009-12-31Istriot-Dalmatian
65570dgkilday572009-12-31Re: Morimarusa
65571slag3102009-12-31Re: Albanian manuscript from 1210 AC
65572dgkilday572009-12-31Re: Morimarusa
65573slag3102009-12-31Proto-Indo-European religion
65574cybalist@yahoogroups.com2010-01-01File - Rules.txt
65575Rick McCallister2010-01-01Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65576Brian M. Scott2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65577Alexandru Moeller2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65578Rick McCallister2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65579Alexandru Moeller2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65580Torsten2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65582Torsten2010-01-02Re: Morimarusa
65583Rick McCallister2010-01-02Re: (p)flaum-
65584Rick McCallister2010-01-02Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65585Brian M. Scott2010-01-03Re: (p)flaum-
65586Torsten2010-01-03Re: (p)flaum-
65587polymodalsynesthete2010-01-03Re: Happy New Year!
65588Torsten2010-01-03Re: Morimarusa
65589Piotr Gasiorowski2010-01-03Re: Happy New Year!
65590m_iacomi2010-01-03Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65591Rick McCallister2010-01-03Re: Happy New Year!
65592Rick McCallister2010-01-03Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65593Brian M. Scott2010-01-03Re[2]: [tied] (p)flaum-
65594m_iacomi2010-01-03Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65595Trond Engen2010-01-04Å sette grime på grisen
65596Rick McCallister2010-01-04Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
65597polymodalsynesthete2010-01-04Re: Happy New Year!
65598Torsten2010-01-04Re: (p)flaum-
65599Alexandru Moeller2010-01-04Re: Istriot-Dalmatian --adstratal to Albanian?
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