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3000Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-04-16God in Dalska
3001konrad_oddsson2003-04-17The Nasality and Quantity Distinctions (part 3) - etymologies
3002Sarah Bowen2003-04-17Re: Professional translations of Bodvar Bjarki
3003konrad_oddsson2003-04-17The Nasality and Quantity Distinctions (part 2)
3004konrad_oddsson2003-04-17Stafangrs Kross
3005Mjollnir2003-04-17Re: The Nasality and Quantity Distinctions (part 3) - etymologies
3006Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-17Re: Mjollnir
3007Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-17Re: Mini-lesson - Daniel Bray
3008Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-17Re: Mini-lesson - Help please?
3009Daniel Bray2003-04-18Re: Mini-lesson - Daniel Bray
3010konrad_oddsson2003-04-18SV: Re: Sæll Arnljótr! - nasals, grave accents, a question
3011Jens Persson2003-04-19Re: God in Dalska
3012Jens Persson2003-04-19Re: The Nasality and Quantity Distinctions (part 3) - etymologies
3013Jens Persson2003-04-19SV: Re: Sæll Arnljótr! - nasals, grave accents, a question
3015konrad_oddsson2003-04-19Re: Älvdalskt 'ûor' & várt 'vár' (our 'our') - elvish etymology
3016Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-20Re: Subordinate Clauses
3017Mircea P.2003-04-20An unknown language ....
3018Teja Johnson-Lewis2003-04-20another question
3019Daniel Bray2003-04-20Re: Bodvar Bjarki lines 8-20
3020Ikuko Nara2003-04-20Re: An unknown language ....
3021konrad_oddsson2003-04-20Re: another question - nouns and verbs
3022Sarah Bowen2003-04-20Re: another question
3023Jens Persson2003-04-20Re: Älvdalskt 'ûor' & várt 'vár' (our 'our') - elvish etymology
3024Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-21FW: [norse_course] Mini-lesson - Daniel Bray
3025Gerald Mcharg2003-04-21Re: Bodvar Bjarki lines 8-20
3026Gerald Mcharg2003-04-21From Jed - some points of grammar
3027Teja Johnson-Lewis2003-04-21Re: Hello (from the one person you don't want to hear from)
3028Teja Johnson-Lewis2003-04-21question
3029ali ahmed2003-04-21(no subject)
3030Christine dfdfdfggg2003-04-21Re: An unknown language ....
3031Terje Ellefsen2003-04-21Re: question
3032Mjollnir2003-04-21Re: question
3033Sarah Bowen2003-04-21Re: question
3034Mircea P.2003-04-21Re: An unknown language ....
3035Thomas Lindblom2003-04-21bodhvarr translated AGAIN!!
3036Dan Stemm2003-04-21Re: question
3037Sarah Bowen2003-04-21Re: question
3038��r Ginnhailagr2003-04-21Re: question
3039simonfittonbrown@...2003-04-21Re: question
3041Mircea P.2003-04-21Re: question
3042Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-04-21Re:
3043Terje Ellefsen2003-04-21Dative
3044Douglas2003-04-21Re: question
3045Douglas2003-04-22Re: question
3046birgit001@...2003-04-22Sæll Arnljótr! - nasals, grave accents, a question
3047Daniel Bray2003-04-22Re: question
3048Laurel Bradshaw2003-04-22Re: question
3049simonfittonbrown@...2003-04-22just a little bit more
3050A. Mucenieks2003-04-22Re: question
3053Mircea P.2003-04-22Questions bout some useful material
3054konrad_oddsson2003-04-23Old Norse Homlies - originals, standardized and translated
3055konrad_oddsson2003-04-23asumptio sancte MaRie (I) - Sermo de sancta MaRia (N)
3056xigung2003-04-23alls = alz Re:
3057xigung2003-04-23Re: just a little bit more
3058xigung2003-04-23Re: Dative
3059xigung2003-04-23Re: An unknown language ....
3060xigung2003-04-23Re: Norwegian folk songs
3061Sarah Bowen2003-04-24Re: Questions bout some useful material
3062Laurel Bradshaw2003-04-24Re: Bodvar Bjarki lines 8-20
3063Sarah Bowen2003-04-24Bodvar and Hott introduce themselves!
3064simonfittonbrown@...2003-04-24um búizk áðr
3065Sarah Bowen2003-04-24Re: [norse_course] um búizk áðr
3066Laurel Bradshaw2003-04-24Re: [norse_course] um búizk áðr
3067gunnerwold2003-04-25Re: asumptio sancte MaRie (I) - Sermo de sancta MaRia (N)
3068simonfittonbrown@...2003-04-25Re: [norse_course] um búizk áðr
3069Gerald Mcharg2003-04-26From Jed -Old Norse typography
3070Katrina2003-04-26norse to english dictionary?
3071hattonf2003-04-26fostering in Njal's Saga
3072Alfta2003-04-26Re: norse to english dictionary?
3073Arlie Stephens2003-04-26Re: fostering in Njal's Saga
3074Mjollnir2003-04-27Re: fostering in Njal's Saga
3075Lewis, Raymond J.2003-04-27Re: From Jed -Old Norse typography
3076Gerald Mcharg2003-04-28Jed's acknowlegement
3077Gerald Mcharg2003-04-28Jed - Loki and Svathilfari
3078xigung2003-04-28Litlu verðr Vöggr feginn. /was: just a little bit more
3079xigung2003-04-28Illu feginn ver þú aldrigi !
3080xigung2003-04-28two questions Re: just a little bit more
3081xigung2003-04-28Imperative example from Njal's Saga 83.
3082xigung2003-04-28Högg þú manna armastr: another example.
3084Sarah Bowen2003-04-29Re: Bodvar Bjarki lines 8-20
3085Sarah Bowen2003-04-29Bodvar translation lines 20 - 29
3086Gerald Mcharg2003-05-01From Jed re Old Norse characters
3087Laurel Bradshaw2003-05-01Re: From Jed re Old Norse characters
3088Lewis, Raymond J.2003-05-01Re: From Jed re Old Norse characters
3089Lewis, Raymond J.2003-05-01FW: [norse_course] Jed's acknowlegement
3090pabloma20022003-05-03A few questions.
3091Gerald Mcharg2003-05-03Jed's translation of othvar, lines 20-29
3092simonfittonbrown@...2003-05-04LETTER ATTACHED
3093Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-05-04Re: A few questions.
3094Mariano Mazzeo2003-05-05Re: A few questions.
3095xigung2003-05-05"af blotan", an excerpt from Guta Lag.
3096xigung2003-05-05Re: GUTA LAG
3097Teja Johnson-Lewis2003-05-05thanks and apologies.
3098Daniel Ryan Prohaska2003-05-06AW: [norse_course] Re: GUTA LAG
3099Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-05-06Re: Imperative example from Njal's Saga 83.
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