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12800Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12801stevelong022002-03-22When Getae equaled Goths
12802naga_ganesan2002-03-22Caste & to cast (away)
12803gknysh2002-03-22Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12804Glen Gordon2002-03-22Re: [tied] Lengthy delays
12805Dean_Anderson2002-03-23PIE and spoked wheels
12806michael_donne2002-03-23How can we protest to Yahoo?
12807george knysh2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12808Glen Gordon2002-03-23Re: [tied] How can we protest to Yahoo?
12809george knysh2002-03-23[tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12810Rex H. McTyeire2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12811george knysh2002-03-23[tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12812george knysh2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12813george knysh2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12814altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12815altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12816altamix2002-03-23the second Dacian influence
12817altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12818altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12819tgpedersen2002-03-23Re: Greek "angos"
12820tgpedersen2002-03-23Re: Lengthy delays
12821tgpedersen2002-03-23Re: Daci
12822Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12823george knysh2002-03-23Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12824Harald Hammarstrom2002-03-23Ergative construction in Middle Indo-Aryan and Iranian
12825george knysh2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12826altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12827altamix2002-03-23Re: [tied] Re: When Getae equaled Goths
12828altamix2002-03-23for george Ardal +Ethymology
12829michael_donne2002-03-23Kuiper disses Fortunov
12830Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-23Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12831Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-23Re: [tied] Ergative construction in Middle Indo-Aryan and Iranian
12832stevelong022002-03-23Getae and Gothi Together
12833x99lynx@...2002-03-24Goths, Getae, Piengitae and Sargati
12834tarasovass2002-03-24Some Thracian tribonyms
12835tarasovass2002-03-24Some Thracian tribonyms
12836george knysh2002-03-24Goths and Getae
12837P&G2002-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12838Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-03-24Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12839Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-24Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12840Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-24Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12841Rex H. McTyeire2002-03-24Re: [tied] Getae and Gothi Together
12842Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-25Re: [tied] Getae and Gothi Together
12843george knysh2002-03-25Orosius and the Gotho/Getic issue
12844x99lynx@...2002-03-25False Scandinavian Origins
12845george knysh2002-03-25Re: [tied] False Scandinavian Origins
12846tgpedersen2002-03-25Re: Getae and Gothi Together
12847tgpedersen2002-03-25Re: [tied] False Scandinavian Origins
12848Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-03-25Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12849george knysh2002-03-25Re: [tied] False Scandinavian Origins
12850george knysh2002-03-25Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12851altamix2002-03-25Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12852x99lynx@...2002-03-25Re: False Scandinavian Origins
12853george knysh2002-03-25Re: [tied] Re: False Scandinavian Origins
12854george knysh2002-03-25Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12855Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-25Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12856Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-25Re: [tied] Re: False Scandinavian Origins
12857tgpedersen2002-03-25Re: [tied] When Getae equaled Goths
12858Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-03-26Re: [tied] Depth, det, etc.
12859x99lynx@...2002-03-26Indicia of Danubian Origins
12860x99lynx@...2002-03-26George, be good.
12861altamix2002-03-26Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12862george knysh2002-03-26Re: [tied] George, be good.
12863george knysh2002-03-26Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12864guto rhys2002-03-26celtic toponymy
12865tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Some Thracian tribonyms
12866x99lynx@...2002-03-26Caesar's Battlefield Messages
12867tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Indicia of Danubian Origins
12868tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12869x99lynx@...2002-03-26Through a Glass Darkly
12870mbikqyres2002-03-26Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12871x99lynx@...2002-03-26Re: Indicia of Danubian Origins
12872Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-26Re: [tied] WARNING to Steve and George
12873x99lynx@...2002-03-26Re: Early Spread of Germanic
12874tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12875Christopher Gwinn2002-03-26Re: [tied] celtic toponymy
12876george knysh2002-03-26Re: [tied] WARNING to Steve and George
12877Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-26Re: [tied] WARNING to Steve and George
12878Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Early Spread of Germanic
12879tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Early Spread of Germanic
12880tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: [tied] Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12881tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Indicia of Danubian Origins
12882tgpedersen2002-03-26More suffix stuff
12883João Simões Lopes Filho2002-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Some Thracian tribonyms
12884george knysh2002-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Indicia of Danubian Origins
12885David Sánchez2002-03-26Reconstructed forms of Oscan words?
12886x99lynx@...2002-03-26Re: Spread of Early Germanic
12887Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Spread of Early Germanic
12888tgpedersen2002-03-26Re: Post-Gothic "Getic" fantasies
12889michael_donne2002-03-26Re: Kuiper disses Fortunov
12890michael_donne2002-03-26[tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12891altamix2002-03-26Slavic "dom", "doma" -for Piotr
12892Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Kuiper disses Fortunov
12893Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-27Re: [tied] Slavic "dom", "doma" -for Piotr
12894michael_donne2002-03-27[tied] Re: Kuiper disses Fortunov
12895Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Kuiper disses Fortunov
12896michael_donne2002-03-27Misra, Bryant and Indigenous-Nationalist Conflation
12897altamix2002-03-27Re: [tied] Slavic "dom", "doma" -for Piotr
12898wtsdv2002-03-27[tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12899wtsdv2002-03-27Re: Kuiper disses Fortunov
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