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12700altamix2002-03-16Re: [tied] Re: Dio Cassius
12701michael_donne2002-03-16Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12702wtsdv2002-03-16Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12703markodegard20002002-03-16Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12704P&G2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12705P&G2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12706Miguel Carrasquer2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12707Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-17Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12708Miguel Carrasquer2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12709Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-17Re: [tied] Re: Dio Cassius
12710Tore Gannholm2002-03-17Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12711altamix2002-03-17Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12712Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12713Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-17Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12714Christopher Gwinn2002-03-17Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12715Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-18Re: [tied] Moderator's warning to Mr. A. Moeller
12716Miguel Carrasquer2002-03-18Re: [tied] Evidences for a Mediterranean pre-IE Substratum?
12717altamix2002-03-18Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12718Harald Hammarstrom2002-03-18Ergative like construction in Middle Indo-Aryan and M Indo-Ir.
12719michael_donne2002-03-18Request to Moderator
12720michael_donne2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12721michael_donne2002-03-18Re: Request to Moderator
12722vishalsagarwal2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12723michael_donne2002-03-18Original Celtic Irish texts?
12724michael_donne2002-03-18Dumezil in English?
12725Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12726caraculiambro2002-03-18Re: Request to Moderator
12727caraculiambro2002-03-18Re: Request to Moderator
12728caraculiambro2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12729wtsdv2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12730wtsdv2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12731caraculiambro2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12732tgpedersen2002-03-18Re: Daci
12733caraculiambro2002-03-18Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12734mbikqyres2002-03-18Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12735Christopher Gwinn2002-03-18Re: [tied] Dumezil in English?
12736Christopher Gwinn2002-03-18Re: [tied] Original Celtic Irish texts?
12737tgpedersen2002-03-18Re: Daci
12738mbikqyres2002-03-18Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12739mbikqyres2002-03-18Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12740michael_donne2002-03-18Re: Original Celtic Irish texts?
12741michael_donne2002-03-18Re: Original Celtic Irish texts?
12742Tara2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12743george knysh2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12744Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12745Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12746Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-18Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12747anthonyappleyard2002-03-18[tied] Re: Lists of PIE roots
12748anthonyappleyard2002-03-18odd ideas (was: Re: Shaved Beaver}
12749tarasovass2002-03-19[tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12750tarasovass2002-03-19g^enh1-: a self-correction
12751wtsdv2002-03-19odd ideas (was: Re: Shaved Beaver}
12752P&G2002-03-19Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12753Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-19Re: [tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12754Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-19Re: [tied] The aliens in their macs
12755tgpedersen2002-03-19Re: Daci
12756tgpedersen2002-03-19[tied] Re: Daci
12757mbikqyres2002-03-19[tied] Re: Daci
12758vkarloukovski2002-03-19Re: Daci
12759Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-19Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12760Paola Raffetta2002-03-19Original Celtic Irish texts (over the Net)
12761Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-19Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12762Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-19Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12763tgpedersen2002-03-20Re: Daci
12764tgpedersen2002-03-20Re: Daci
12765Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-20Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12766Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-20Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12767P&G2002-03-20Re: [tied] The aliens in their macs
12768tgpedersen2002-03-20Re: Daci
12769tgpedersen2002-03-20Re: Daci
12770george knysh2002-03-20message delays
12771Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-20Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12772tgpedersen2002-03-20Re: [tied] Rugi and RusI
12773David Russell Watson2002-03-20Happy Nou Ruz!
12774tgpedersen2002-03-20Sanskrit and e, a, o
12775Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-20Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12776kalyan972002-03-21Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12777Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-21Re: [tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12778Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-21Re: [tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12779tgpedersen2002-03-21Re: Daci
12780Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-21Re: Danish dispalatalisation
12781altamix2002-03-21Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12782mbikqyres2002-03-21[tied] Re: Daci
12783P&G2002-03-21Re: [tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12784Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-21Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12785David Sánchez2002-03-22Reconstructed forms of Oscan words?
12786tgpedersen2002-03-22Re: Danish dispalatalisation
12787tgpedersen2002-03-22[tied] Re: Daci
12788tgpedersen2002-03-22Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12789mbikqyres2002-03-22[tied] Re: Daci
12790Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12791mbikqyres2002-03-22[tied] Re: nandru, nandra, nandri
12792Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12793tgpedersen2002-03-22Re: Daci
12794george knysh2002-03-22Lengthy delays
12795Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12796Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Lengthy delays
12797danjmi2002-03-22Greek "angos"
12798Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-22Re: [tied] Greek "angos"
12799wtsdv2002-03-22[tied] Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
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