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12600Rex H. McTyeire2002-03-03Re: [tied] Thrace
12601Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-03Re: [tied] Re: I, Hercules [was: A "Germanic" query]
12602João Simões Lopes Filho2002-03-03Re: [tied] Re: Lists of PIE roots
12603george knysh2002-03-03Re: [tied] Thrace
12604george knysh2002-03-04Re: [tied] Thrace
12605tgpedersen2002-03-04Re: Centum in Vedic?
12606P&G2002-03-04Re: [tied] Re: Lists of PIE roots
12607tgpedersen2002-03-04Re: I, Hercules [was: A "Germanic" query]
12608tgpedersen2002-03-04[tied] Re: Scythians, Zoroastrians, etc.
12609tgpedersen2002-03-04Re: Shaved Beaver
12610Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-05Re: [tied] Re: I, Hercules [was: A "Germanic" query]
12611João Simões Lopes Filho2002-03-06Re: [tied] Re: Lists of PIE roots
12612Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-06Re: [tied] Re: Scythians, Zoroastrians, etc.
12613tarasovass2002-03-06Re: Lists of PIE roots
12614michael_donne2002-03-06Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12615michael_donne2002-03-06Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12616tgpedersen2002-03-06Re: I, Hercules [was: A "Germanic" query]
12617tgpedersen2002-03-06[tied] Re: Scythians, Zoroastrians, etc.
12618Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-06Re: [tied] Sargsyan
12619Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-06Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12620michael_donne2002-03-06Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12621tgpedersen2002-03-06Re: I, Hercules [was: A "Germanic" query]
12622Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-06Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12623Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-06Re: [tied] Marx and Engels are Baltic deities
12624Håkan Lindgren2002-03-07Re: [tied] Marx and Engels are Baltic deities
12625Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-07Re: [tied] Marx and Engels are Baltic deities
12626Håkan Lindgren2002-03-07Re: [tied] Marx and Engels are Baltic deities
12627tgpedersen2002-03-07Re: Marx and Engels are Baltic deities
12628tgpedersen2002-03-07Re: bhaga, bon:ga
12629michael_donne2002-03-07Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12630Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-07Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12631tgpedersen2002-03-08Various Germanic tribes etc
12632tgpedersen2002-03-08Re: Various Germanic tribes etc
12633Sergejus Tarasovas2002-03-08Re: [tied] Re: Lists of PIE roots
12634tgpedersen2002-03-08Re: Sargsyan
12635Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-08Re: [tied] Re: Various Germanic tribes etc
12636Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-09The Morasko impact
12637tgpedersen2002-03-09Re: Various Germanic tribes etc
12638P&G2002-03-09Re: [tied] The Morasko impact
12639Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-09Re: [tied] The Morasko impact
12640Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-09Re: [tied] Re: Various Germanic tribes etc
12641Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-10Re: [tied] *ekwos and esel?
12642tarasovass2002-03-10Re: *ekwos and esel?
12643Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-11Re: [tied] Re: *ekwos and esel?
12644kalyan972002-03-11pa_gus, rural (boundary)
12645altamix2002-03-11Re: Daci
12646Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12647Paul Alesu2002-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12648Sergejus Tarasovas2002-03-12Rugi and RusI
12649george knysh2002-03-12Re: [tied] Rugi and RusI
12650tarasovass2002-03-12Rugi and RusI: ad originem :)
12651altamix2002-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12652altamix2002-03-12[tied] Re: Daci
12653altamix2002-03-12Re: Polyethnicity
12654Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12655Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-12Re: [tied] Rugi and RusI
12656altamix2002-03-12Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12657tarasovass2002-03-12Re: [tied] Rugi and RusI
12658Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-12Re: [tied] Rugi and RusI
12659tgpedersen2002-03-13Re: Daci
12660Andrei Markine2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12661Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12662altamix2002-03-13countries, languages , XX! centuries
12663altamix2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12664Paul Alesu2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12665Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12666altamix2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12667Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12668altamix2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12669george knysh2002-03-13Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12670altamix2002-03-14Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12671Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12672tarasovass2002-03-14[tied] Re: Daci
12673guto rhys2002-03-14rock
12674tgpedersen2002-03-14[tied] Re: Daci
12675Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12676Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14Re: [tied] rock
12677Paul Alesu2002-03-14Re: [tied] rock
12678Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14Re: [tied] rock
12679Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14No cybalist at the weekend
12680Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-14Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12681michael_donne2002-03-15Sanskrit and e, a, o
12682wtsdv2002-03-15Re: Sanskrit and e, a, o
12683Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-15Re: [tied] Sanskrit and e, a, o
12684altamix2002-03-15sanskrit :an Piotr
12685tgpedersen2002-03-15Re: Daci
12686altamix2002-03-15Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12687mbikqyres2002-03-15[tied] Re: Daci
12688altamix2002-03-15Re: [tied] Re: Daci
12689mbikqyres2002-03-15[tied] Re: Daci
12690george knysh2002-03-15From Tacitus
12691Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-15Re: [tied] sanskrit :an Piotr
12692altamix2002-03-15Dio Cassius
12693Anne Lambert2002-03-15Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12694altamix2002-03-15Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12695Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-15Re: [tied] Daci
12696Piotr Gasiorowski2002-03-15Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12697altamix2002-03-15Re: [tied] countries, languages , XX! centuries
12698Paul Alesu2002-03-15nandru, nandra, nandri
12699wtsdv2002-03-16Re: Dio Cassius
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