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11100tgpedersen@...2001-11-07Re: Heru-
11101tgpedersen@...2001-11-07Re: [tied] -st-suffix in PIE
11102george knysh2001-11-07Re: [tied] Tripolye as IE
11103george knysh2001-11-07Re: [tied] Tripolye as IE
11104george knysh2001-11-07Those peculiar Anatolians
11105Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-07Re: [tied] *nepo:t... Somebody's wrong!
11106P&G2001-11-07Re: [tied] One.
11107P&G2001-11-07Re: [tied] Gender (Was: Dating PIE)
11108vishalagarwal@...2001-11-07proto-Dravidian and Elamite
11109Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-11-07The svarita lengthening rule (prelim.)
11111Marsha Brown2001-11-14where's our list?
11112Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-14Cybalist is alive again
11113cybalist@yahoogroups.com2001-11-14New poll for cybalist
11114MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-14miaaing archives; Sumerian and Elamo-Dravidian
11115cybalist@yahoogroups.com2001-11-14Poll results for cybalist
11116markodegard@...2001-11-14Re: Cybalist is alive again
11117S.Kalyanaraman2001-11-14Re: Cybalist is alive again
11118Sergejus Tarasovas2001-11-14e- and 'brick and mortar' linguistics
11119Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-14Re: [tied] Poll results for cybalist
11120tgpedersen@...2001-11-14Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11121Dr. Antonio Sciarretta2001-11-14Re: [tied] Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11122Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-14Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11123cas111jd@...2001-11-14Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11124Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-11-14Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11125João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11127george knysh2001-11-15Re: [tied] Bzik/Berserkr
11128Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11129Dr. Antonio Sciarretta2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11130Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-15Re: [tied] Bzik/Berserkr
11131tgpedersen@...2001-11-15Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11132Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11134João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11135João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11136Alexander Stolbov2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11137Christopher Gwinn2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11138João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11139Christopher Gwinn2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11140João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11141Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11142george knysh2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11143Alexander Stolbov2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11144Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11145george knysh2001-11-15Re: [tied] Vanir
11146Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11147Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-11-15Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11149Glen Gordon2001-11-16PIE rhotacism
11150Sergejus Tarasovas2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11151Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11152jdcroft@...2001-11-16Effects of Catastrophes on Language
11153Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-16Re: Vanir
11154MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-16Re: Effects of Catastrophes on Language
11155tgpedersen@...2001-11-16Re: Vanir
11156tgpedersen@...2001-11-16Re: Effects of Catastrophes on Language
11157João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16who are these cows?
11158João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Slavic water birds
11159João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16PIE otters in myths
11160João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Swedish? Therion lyrics
11161João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Book of Judges = IE?
11162João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Muspellsheim
11163Sergejus Tarasovas2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: Vanir
11164MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-16Re: Effects of Catastrophes on Language
11165MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-16Re: Book of Judges = IE?
11166george knysh2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11167MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-16Re: who are these cows?
11168Sergejus Tarasovas2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11169João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: who are these cows?
11170João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: who are these cows?
11171Christopher Gwinn2001-11-16Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11172george knysh2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11173Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: Boiotia < *bhoi- ?
11174Sergejus Tarasovas2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11175P&G2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11176P&G2001-11-16Re: [tied] Re: [pieml] PIE rhotacism
11177malmqvist52@...2001-11-16Re: Swedish? Therion lyrics
11178Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-16Re: [tied] Slavic water birds
11179george knysh2001-11-16Re: [tied] Vanir
11180malmqvist52@...2001-11-16Re: Muspellsheim
11181Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-16Re: [tied] Slavic water birds
11182malmqvist52@...2001-11-17Correction Re: Muspellsheim
11183MCLSSAA2@...2001-11-17[tied] Re: who are these cows?
11184João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-17Re: [tied] Re: Swedish? Therion lyrics
11185João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-17Re: [tied] Re: Muspellsheim
11186João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-17Re: [tied] Slavic water birds
11187João S. Lopes Filho2001-11-17Re: [tied] Re: who are these cows?
11188lsroute66@...2001-11-17Re: [tied] Bzik/Berserkr
11189lsroute66@...2001-11-17Re: [tied] Bzik/Berserkr
11190malmqvist52@...2001-11-17Re: Muspellsheim
11191Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-17Re: [tied] Bzik/Berserkr
11192tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Re: Vanir
11193Piotr Gasiorowski2001-11-17Re: [tied] Slavic water birds
11194tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Correction Re: Muspellsheim
11195tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Re: Vanir
11196tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Re: [tied] Vanir
11197tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Re: Vanir
11198tgpedersen@...2001-11-17Re: Vanir
11199malmqvist52@...2001-11-17Correction Re: Muspellsheim
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