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24600george knysh2003-07-16Re: Bulgarica
24601george knysh2003-07-16Re: Bulgarica
24602Brian M. Scott2003-07-16Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24603Richard Wordingham2003-07-16Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places
24604Richard Wordingham2003-07-16PIE Phonation Variation (was: Enclosed Places)
24605Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-16Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24606Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-16Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24608alex2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24609alex2003-07-17Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24610CG2003-07-17Slavic ban "leader"
24611Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24612Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-17Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24613Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-17Re: [tied] Slavic ban "leader"
24614tgpedersen2003-07-17Re: Enclosed Places
24615CG2003-07-17Re: [tied] Slavic ban "leader"
24616g2003-07-17Re: Slavic ban "leader"
24617Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24618CG2003-07-17Re: Slavic ban "leader"
24619Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24620g2003-07-17Re: Slavic ban "leader"
24621Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24622Richard Wordingham2003-07-17Re: Enclosed Places
24623Daniel J. Milton2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24624george knysh2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24625Daniel J. Milton2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24626george knysh2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24627Daniel J. Milton2003-07-17Re: "Satem" Law
24628Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-17Re: [tied] "Satem" Law
24629fortuna111112003-07-17Bulgarica (Was Re: [tied] Re: Yers)
24630fortuna111112003-07-17Bulgarica (Was Re: [tied] Re: Yers)
24631fortuna111112003-07-17Re: Bulgarica
24632Abdullah Konushevci2003-07-17Re: "Satem" Law
24633Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions: n-stems
24634Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions: n-stems
24635P&G2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24636P&G2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24637P&G2003-07-17Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24638Lisa Darie2003-07-17Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24639Michael J Smith2003-07-18Re: [tied] nominative plural
24640Richard Wordingham2003-07-18Re: [tied] nominative plural
24641Abdullah Konushevci2003-07-18[tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between Greek
24642Lisa Darie2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24643Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions: n-stems
24644Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-18Re: [tied] nominative plural
24645george knysh2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Bulgarica
24646alex2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24647alex2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24648Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Enclosed Places (was: The unexplained link between G
24649P&G2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: "Satem" Law
24650P&G2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24651tgpedersen2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24652fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24653Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24654fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24655fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24656tgpedersen2003-07-18Re: Germanic nominal declensions
24657george knysh2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Bulgarica
24658george knysh2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Germanic nominal declensions
24659Davius Sanctex2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24660PMGA232003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Germanic nominal declensions
24661ardfilidh2003-07-18scythians sakas etc
24662fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24663Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24664george knysh2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Bulgarica
24666george knysh2003-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Bulgarica
24667fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24668fortuna111112003-07-18[tied] Re: Bulgarica
24669mueshuek2003-07-18Sihler, Comparative grammar Greek and Latin
24670Exu Yangi2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions: n-stems
24671Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24672Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-18Germanic without the Schleifton
24673Richard Wordingham2003-07-18Re: [tied] nominative plural
24674Andy Howey2003-07-18Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24675Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] nominative plural
24676Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Germanic without the Schleifton
24677Richard Wordingham2003-07-19Double Plurals (was: Germanic nominal declensions)
24678Brian M. Scott2003-07-19Re: [tied] Double Plurals (was: Germanic nominal declensions)
24679aquila_grande2003-07-19Re: [tied] Double Plurals (was: Germanic nominal declensions)
24681tgpedersen2003-07-19Re: [tied] Germanic nominal declensions
24682alex2003-07-19Latin verus
24683Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Germanic without the Schleifton
24684Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Double Plurals
24685Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24686Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Germanic without the Schleifton
24687Sergejus Tarasovas2003-07-19Re: Germanic without the Schleifton
24688Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Indo-Iranian plurals [was: Germanic nominal declensions]
24689alex2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24690Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24691Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24692alex2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24693alex2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24694Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24695alex2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24696Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24697Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24698m_iacomi2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
24699Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-19Re: [tied] Latin verus
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