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1800adam callahan2002-03-11Re: Trash-lations
1801hrimalf2002-03-11hailsa being incorrect
1802Lazarus2002-03-11Re: Trash-lations
1803Jon2002-03-13RE: [norse_course] Re: RE: [norse course] Komdu Sćll
1804Fernando Silva2002-03-13Language Professional Learning
1805Lazarus2002-03-13Re: Digest Number 294
1806Deep Stream2002-03-13Re: Trash-lations
1807Stuntie2002-03-14Re: [Norse course] Trash-lations
1808betshalom2002-03-14my surname Thackery into ON Þakkrvrá
1809keth@...2002-03-14Re: my surname Thackery into ON Þakkrvrá
1810betshalom2002-03-14Thackery and ON Þakk (r) vro
1811Dæg2002-03-15Re: [norse_course] Thackery and ON Þakk (r) vro
1812robert blank2002-03-15Rímur chanting
1813Stuntie2002-03-17FW: [Norse course] Trash-lations
1814Kelly O'Donnell2002-03-18Re: Rímur chanting
1815Cris Wilson2002-03-18Anglo Saxon and Norse
1816Dan or Amy2002-03-18Re: [norse_course] Rímur chanting
1817Lazarus2002-03-18Re: FW: [Norse course] Trash-lations
1818Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-18Learning Old Norse v. Learning Modern Icelandic
1819Steven Dent2002-03-18Re: Learning Old Norse v. Learning Modern Icelandic
1820Diego Ferioli2002-03-18Re: [norse_course] Rímur chanting
1821Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-18Sigur Rós and more
1822Catherine Hagemann2002-03-19Re: Anglo Saxon and Norse
1823keth@...2002-03-19Re: FW: [Norse course] Trash-lations
1824E. P. Oxenby2002-03-20Re: Learning Old Norse v. Learning Modern Icelandic
1825Ambrosius Kyrielle2002-03-20Re: Anglo Saxon and Norse
1826Steven Dent2002-03-20Re: Sigur Rós and more
1827fjornir2002-03-21Re: Sigur Rós and more
1828betshalom2002-03-21Relative pronoun: Lesson 3:1.2
1829betshalom2002-03-21Dictionary Program link
1830Dan or Amy2002-03-21Re: [norse_course] Re: Sigur Rós and more
1831keth@...2002-03-22Re: Relative pronoun: Lesson 3:1.2
1832betshalom2002-03-23Voice Files: ON course audio resources
1833betshalom2002-03-23Re: Relative pronoun: Duden references update
1834keth@...2002-03-23Re: Relative pronoun: Duden references update
1835Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-23Re: Voice Files: ON course audio resources
1836Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-23Re: Relative pronoun: Lesson 3:1.2
1837Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-23Re: Relative pronoun: Lesson 3:1.2
1838Dæg2002-03-23Re: Relative pronoun: Duden references update
1839keth@...2002-03-23apologies for typo + mistake Re: [norse_course]
1840Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-23Norse Course - Open for Submission!
1841birgit001@...2002-03-24Relative pronoun: Duden references update
1842keth@...2002-03-24nærri , nær; Re: [norse_course]
1843rhodes_r@...2002-03-25Re: Anglo Saxon and Norse
1844keth@...2002-03-27Re: Foreign words in Old Norse :Re:[norse_course]:Re:
1845Fernando Silva2002-03-28Old Norse Question
1846Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-03-28Re: nærri , nær; Re: [norse_course]
1848BombadilAslan@...2002-03-31Re: Digest Number 318
1849Arlie Stephens2002-03-31Nouns as Names (was Re: Digest Number 318)
1850Esmond Selwyn2002-03-31membership
1851betshalom2002-04-02ON Dictionary
1852Esmond Selwyn2002-04-02Re: ON Dictionary
1853Talon2002-04-09Help with spelling
1854Jamie Fessenden2002-04-09Re: Help with spelling
1855robert blank2002-04-09Re: Help with spelling
1856Heiðrún Bergsdóttir2002-04-10Re: Help with spelling
1857Dæg2002-04-10Re: Help with spelling
1858keth@...2002-04-10Re: Help with spelling
1859Robert Clendinen2002-04-10Can you transate please.
1860keth@...2002-04-10Re: Can you transate please.
1861Tatyana Kelsylva2002-04-11Hi
1862Jamie Fessenden2002-04-11Re: Can you transate please.
1863Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-04-11Re: Can you transate please.
1864Robert Clendinen2002-04-11Thank you all so much.
1865Tatyana Kelsylva2002-04-11just out of curiousity...
1866Tatyana Kelsylva2002-04-11Re: can you help translate please
1867keth@...2002-04-12Re: can you help translate please
1868Robert Clendinen2002-04-12Good point.
1869talon2002-04-12Re: Help with spelling
1870Haukur Thorgeirsson2002-04-12Re: Thank you all so much.
1871Lazarus2002-04-12Re: can you help translate please
1872Cris Wilson2002-04-13can you help translate please
1873Robert Clendinen2002-04-13Regarding translation to old English
1874keth@...2002-04-14Re: Old English translation.
1875Tatyana Kelsylva2002-04-19Eiriks saga
1876Dan Bray2002-04-20Re: Eiriks saga
1877Lazarus2002-04-24Rune Assignment #2
1878gimlilegolasaragorngandalf2002-04-24Reputable language studies-off topic
1879Twm Ffresiar2002-04-29Pronounciation
1880Jamie Fessenden2002-04-29Re: Pronounciation
1881Heiðrún Bergsdóttir2002-04-29Re: Pronounciation
1882Lazarus2002-04-30Re: Pronounciation
1883jbloch078742002-05-01Plural of lenda
1884Twm Ffresiar2002-05-01Re: Pronounciation
1885Heron2002-05-01Re: Plural of lenda
1886Tony Glister2002-05-01Re: Plural of lenda
1887Lazarus2002-05-04complex definition question
1888David Wilson2002-05-04Shetlandic
1889rags123us2002-05-06In-print ON dictionaries?
1890Arlie Stephens2002-05-06Re: In-print ON dictionaries?
1891Lazarus2002-05-06Re: In-print ON dictionaries?
1892Steven T. Hatton2002-05-12Names of ÓðInn
1893Timothy Ermolaev2002-05-14Re: Names of Óðinn
1894Steven T. Hatton2002-05-14Re: Names of Odhinn
1895Lazarus2002-05-14Re: Names of Odhinn
1897Andreas Zautner2002-05-15Re: [norse_course] Names of ÓðInn
1898Steven T. Hatton2002-05-15Re: Names of Odhinn
1899Lazarus2002-05-15Re: Names of Odhinn
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